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All the World is A Mirror

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I get to reminiscing sometimes, and I find the entries here at Horrorlust to be a portal to the past. I’ve made little to no time to chronicle my love of Halloween and haunted houses here over the last four seasons and that’s left me yearning for days gone by. This wasn’t an idle choice, of course, nor was it due to a sudden lack of interest. Life comes fast at times — priorities change, dynamics shift.

But, I miss it.

My role as a father as well as my position with the Wyandotte Jaycees haunted house project, means the halycon days of unbridled Friday and Saturday nights is in the rearview mirror. Still, I’d like to get back to regularly sharing my experiences on both sides of the haunt industry, and I’d like to offer up other fare in the realm of horror as well.

Due to the domino effect caused by COVID-19, the haunted house committee within the Wyandotte Jaycees made the decision not to operate this fall. I don’t regret that decision as it was the right and responsible call. The silver lining for me was that less nights spent in character meant I could, on a limited basis, reengage as a patron.

While the outings have been sparse, they’ve also been informative, strangely refreshing, and both somber and surreal, simultaneously.

A trip to Deranged revealed that the now third year haunt has improved its scenery with a series of quaint, neatly designed facades throughout the wooded trail, but the actors, aside from a few talented standouts, could use some fundamental pointers on the art of the scare.

Two weeks later, I found myself at Darksyde Acres for the first time in six years. The operation has changed substantially in some ways and remained static in others. The experience was overall a positive one with an expanded trek through the first leg of the journey, it also featured a much larger cast than previous seasons although the vast majority of them were wet behind the ears.

Finally, last weekend I found myself with a large group out in Pinckney at what turned out to be a highly enjoyable, second year effort called Ghostly Grove. We endured quite a wait to experience the outdoor trail, but it offered the right mix of fun and fright, as the ghouls and goblins elicited shrieks with creative scares and the woodland setting lent itself to several truly majestic scenes.

That last one was the spark I needed to peek back into this diary of a madman and summon the will to write once more.

2015 Haunt Season Rewind

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Late September has crept up awfully quickly and many haunted attractions have already opened their doors to customers. 2016 is going to be a pivotal season here at Horrorlust for several reasons, but before any of that fun can begin we must pause and peer into the rear view mirror for a glimpse of the year that was — submitted for your approval, here are some of the most memorable moments from the 2015 haunt season as recorded here on Horrorlust.

On an overly-friendly character at The Deadland, 9/17/15

“Mr. Snuggles was a clown — at least I think that’s what he was. He looked like a clown but he made a few comments that led me to believe that perhaps the face was not his own. Yeah, we’re talking some freaky skin suit stuff here.”

On an unexpected bit of interaction at The Deadland, 9/17/15

“However, our absolute favorite was Mikey’s birthday party where we sung a boisterous rendition of Happy Birthday at the insistence of the dead boy’s busty mother.”

On a curious ringmaster at the Haunted Farm of Terror, 9/17/15

“Rigby stood head and shoulders above the fairgoers and seemed to have pilfered his outfit from Uncle Sam. One side of his face sported a nasty burn but the disfigurement did nothing to stem his voice which boomed theatrically through a mega phone.”

On a bizarre yet humorous broadcast at the Haunted Farm of Terror, 9/17/15

“Transfixed, we stood and listened to the queer tale that was being broadcast — some weird business about a degenerate rabbit.”

On the charged finale at Krazy Hilda’s Trail of Terrors, 9/26/15

“The air suddenly felt electric, pregnant with anticipation. For a moment time stood still and then like a phantom in the night Junior answered his mother’s call…”

On a tough and unlikely decision at The Dark Box, 10/03/15

“It was a testament to the raw weirdness of the odd ghoul that we accepted the word of the pig-man.”

On the panic-inducing conclusion of The Dark Box, 10/03/15

“Further investigation would reveal the existence of a peculiar path, a path that at least one of our group members refused to travel. Needless to say, it proved to be a harrowing, heart-racing and claustrophobic road to freedom.”

On the importance of good banter at The Bone Yard, 10/03/15

“As we stood at the threshold for The Freak’s Show there was talk of pickled punks and the potential existence of a woman with the rare condition of a double uterus — never let anybody tell you that the person who acts as gatekeeper isn’t a vital part of the haunted attraction.”

On a lost youth inside the Cornmaze of Fear at Past Tense After Dark, 10/10/15

“I like to think that Tiffany will be among the scarecrows next year.”

On a riveting scene inside House of Horrors at Past Tense After Dark, 10/10/15

“The heads were talking, possibly plotting and they were all around us! Neither John nor myself had any desire to become one of their legion, so with our own heads on a swivel we ducked and dodged our way out of that most macabre menagerie.”

On unforgettable actors at Psycho Path, 10/16/15

“In one memorable passage a group of animate dolls, in various states of disrepair and degradation, begged for our assistance. One twitched in robotic spasms while she meekly pleaded for help, another, scarcely more than a torso with a head, merely seemed confused by the state of her sad existence.”

On a scene at Hallowe’en Nights reminiscent of an episode of The Twilight Zone, 10/22/15

“Old-fashioned music drifted across the intersection of Christie and Main Street while the carousel spun haunting rotations as if propelled by a ghostly hand.”

On a dedicated actress at Clio Manor, 10/24/15

“In one room a randy temptress tried to lure us onto her bed which was occupied by the body of her former lover, some poor bastard named Sammy. The temptress shamelessly mounted the corpse and began to grind her hips.”

On a near tranny hookup at Exit 13, 10/24/15

“While my companions howled with laughter, Francine was denied the kiss she so desired by the timely magic of a hidden door that whisked me into darkness and away from her eager, puckered lips.”

On a horrifying clown outside Total Blackout at Exit 13, 10/24/15

“It was as if two separate entities had decided to take up residence in the same body and I got the distinct impression that at least one, if not both, of those personalities had some molester tendencies.”

On Simple, a unique character on the Proving Grounds Trail at Dreadlands Haunt of Davison, 10/24/15

“When we inquired about his state he indicated that he was both “special” and intoxicated; indeed all signs suggested that both were true.”

On the sheer fun inside Zombie Sniper Arena at Dreadlands Haunt of Davison, 10/24/15

“After some initial confusion in which my gun seemed to jam, Steve, John and I fired upon the undead menace with wild abandon that I daresay bordered on glee.”

On a threatening actor at Hush, 10/30/15

“A physically imposing, snarling nihilist fervently pursued us spewing graphic rhetoric on the meaninglessness of life itself.”

On an effective, psychological scare at Dark Legacy, 10/30/15

“What? That doesn’t sound hair-raising to you? Have you ever been followed by a hobo with a shopping cart in the dark?! It’s unsettling stuff.”

On a child-actor at Rotten Manor, 10/31/15

“We also encountered a kid named Billy who possessed an unsettling, gravely voice, exercised the odd skill of scaling walls and seemed for all the world to have been recently unearthed from Pet Cemetery.”

On the genuine terror of Abandon, 10/31/15

“My heart raced like it had not raced in a good many years while inside a haunted attraction. I turned to John and inquired about his own state, his heart too threatened to beat straight out of his chest.”

2015 Horrorlust Haunt Awards

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Rotten Pumpkin – The Rotten Pumpkin award is given to the haunt considered to be the most disappointing of the season. Disappointment may be the result of an over hyped marketing campaign or the failure of the haunt to live up to expectations set forth in previous seasons. Whatever the case may be let there be no doubt that the haunt receiving this unwanted distinction truly dropped the ball, failing to provide a worthwhile show.

2015 Rotten Pumpkin: Scarecrow Hollow (The Boneyard)

Scarecrow Hollow had potential but it was squandered early and often; a couple of would-be standout moments felt clunky and incomplete. A few actors delivered average performances while the rest of the cast was unmotivated and uninspired.

Eerie Vibrations – The Eerie Vibrations award is given to the haunt considered to exude the best overall atmosphere. Atmosphere is defined by the mood of the haunt itself but can also be fostered by immediate grounds or even the surrounding area.

2015 Eerie Vibrations: Terrorfied Forest (Terrorfied Forest & Manor)

Honorable Mention: The Dark Box

After receiving an honorable mention in this category two years ago, the namesake of Terrorfied Forest & Manor snagged the prize in 2015. It’s hard to beat the natural ambience of the Terrorfied Forest, a half hour trek through ghoul infested woods.

Dark Horse – The Dark Horse award is given to the haunt considered to have the most potential for growth. Criteria for this award include the ability to deliver an entertaining show at a relatively small venue and at a reduced rate. Think of the Dark Horse award as our way of recognizing the little haunt that could.

2015 Dark Horse: Krazy Hilda’s Trail of Terrors

Honorable Mention: Psycho Path

Krazy Hilda’s is the quintessential feel good story and embodies the true spirit of the little haunt that could. Krazy Hilda’s Trail of Terrors recaptured that classic Halloween feeling in 2015 with a show that could be enjoyed by people of all ages. This is the second time that Krazy Hilda’s has earned the Dark Horse Award, the first came during the 2011 season at the Barn of Doom when the old witch was stationed in Saline.

Killer Automatons – The Killer Automatons award is given to the haunt that best integrates animatronics into its attraction. When determining this award several factors are considered including timing, prop placement, realism, and sheer wow effect.

2015 Killer Automatons: Dark Legacy

Honorable Mention: Rotten Manor

Dark Legacy built on the success of the 2014 season with a superior second act in 2015. This attraction gives visitors a little bit of everything and after securing this award two years running, it’s clear that automated monstrosities are a big part of the game plan for Dark Legacy.

Monster – The Monster award is given to the haunt considered to have the best live actors of the season. In order to claim this award workers must display a certain level of intensity as well as a refusal to break character. Also crucial is the ability to improvise lines or actions when adapting to an individual guest or group.

2015 Monster: Hush

Honorable Mention: Clio Manor

This was the award that I grappled with the most because 2015 offered up a serious field of haunted houses that featured talented and diverse casts. After much consideration Hush locked down the Monster Award in 2015 with a loaded back half that just wouldn’t be denied. This marks back-to-back Monster Awards for Hush.

Prop Master – The Prop Master award is given to the haunt considered to have best implemented props into the attraction. A prop may be considered a piece of furniture, a weapon, or a dummy. The haunt that claims this award will have paid special attention to placement, function, and realism.

2015 Prop Master: Research Labs (Dreadlands Haunt of Davison)

Honorable Mention: The Freak’s Show (The Boneyard)

Research Labs was so completely littered with household items and all sorts of common (and uncommon) junk that one might surmise it was actually occupied by the world’s most slovenly family. There was a level of authenticity here that most haunted attractions never approach.

Pulse Pounder – The Pulse Pounder award is given to the haunt considered to be the most intense attraction of the season. Intensity can be gauged by a number of factors including commitment of actors, gory or realistic scenes, and harsh or loud music and sound effects. However, the most important element when considering this award is genuine fear factor.

2015 Pulse Pounder: Abandon

Honorable Mention: The Dark Box

Heart-racing and hair-raising, Abandon was one of the most purely frightening haunted attractions I’ve ever visited. There was tension here fueled by a basic psychological, primal fear of the dark.

Samhain – This award recognizes the most enjoyable night of haunting in a given season. A plethora of factors are considered when deciding this award but at the end of the season it comes down to the night of haunting that provided us with the most scares, laughs, and memories.

2015 Samhain: Saturday, October 24, 2016 (Clio Manor, Exit 13, Dreadlands Haunt of Davison)

Honorable Mention: Saturday, October 31, 2016 (Rotten Manor, Abandon)

The immediate reaction from Saturday, October 24, 2016 was that it was one of the best overall nights we’d ever experienced. It was the kind of outing that leaves one exhausted and in need of a day of rest and reflection.

Haunt of the Year – The Haunt of Year award is given to the haunt considered to be the best overall attraction of the season. When deciding on this award several factors are taken into consideration including the timing and intensity of actors, the pace and length of the haunt, attention to detail, use of special effects, realism of props, and most importantly the lasting imprint left on guests.

2015 Haunt of the Year: Rotten Manor

Honorable Mention: Research Labs (Dreadlands Haunt of Davison)

Rotten Manor burst onto the scene out of nowhere in 2015. On Halloween, Rotten Manor put the pedal to the metal and never blinked. The facade is second to none, the attention to detail among the best and the scares a jumble of fright that kept us guessing with every step.

2015 Star Ratings

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This list is not meant to compare one haunted attraction to another. The star system (1 – 5 stars) is merely meant to reflect how well I felt each individual haunt executed their particular show. Haunted attractions are a unique breed of entertainment and the quality of a show can vary from night to night, hour to hour and guest to guest for a great many reasons.

As you’ll notice, haunts are listed below in descending order. Where there are multiple haunts with the same star rating those attractions are listed alphabetically.

Again, this list should not be used to gauge which haunt is better than another. Primarily, I use these lists for archival purposes so that I can have a record of the haunted houses I visited and how those attractions performed in a given year.


1. Rotten Manor – 4.75 (Holly, MI.)

2. Research Labs – 4.5 (Dreadlands Haunt of Davison – Davison, MI.)

3. Clio Manor – 4.25 (Clio, MI.)

4. Dark Legacy – 4.25 (Wixom, MI.)

5. Exit 13 – 4.25 (Mt. Morris, MI.)

6. Hallowe’en Nights at Greenfield Village – 4.25 (Dearborn, MI.)

7. Abandon – 4 (Melvindale, MI.)

8. House of Horrors – 4 (Past Tense After Dark – Lapeer, MI.)

9. Hush – 4 (Westland, MI.)

10. Krazy Hilda’s Trail of Terrors – 4 (Ypsilanti, MI.)

11. Zombie Sniper Arena – 4 (Dreadlands Haunt of Davison – Davison, MI.)

12. The Deadland – 3.75 (Warren, MI.)

13. Haunted House – 3.75 (Haunted Farm of Terror – Lenox Township, MI.)

14. The Dark Box – 3.5 (Pinckney, MI.)

15. Haunted Hayride – 3.5 (Haunted Farm of Terror, Lenox Township, MI.)

16. Proving Grounds Trail – 3.5 (Dreadlands Haunt of Davison – Davison, MI.)

17. Psycho Path – 3.5 (Flat Rock, MI.)

18. Terror on the Blvd. – 3.5 (Lincoln Park, MI.)

19. The Freak’s Show – 3.25 (The Boneyard – Stockbridge, MI.)

20. Terrorfied Forest – 3.25 (Terrorfied Forest & Manor – Pinckney, MI.)

21. Cornmaze of Fear – 3 (Past Tense After Dark – Lapeer, MI.)

22. Deadwood Forest – 3 (The Boneyard – Stockbridge, MI.)

23. Fear Factory – 3 (Mt. Clemens, MI.)

24. Hayride of Despair – 3 (Past Tense After Dark – Lapeer, MI.)

25. Realm of Haunted Minds – 3 (Romulus, MI.)

26. Tunnel of Terror – 3 (Rochester, MI.)

27. Total Blackout – 2.75 (Exit 13 – Mt. Morris, MI.)

28. Bubbles’ Fun House – 2.5 (Terrorfied Forest & Manor, Pinckney, MI.)

29. Delirium – 2.25 (Wyandotte, MI.)

30. Scarecrow Hollow – 1.75 (The Boneyard – Stockbridge, MI.)

31. Route 666 – 1.25 (The Boneyard – Stockbridge, MI.)

The Dark Box Plays Mind Games

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Twin, jet-black trailers sat side by side tucked against a treeline. The phrase “The Dark Box” was displayed in blood red letters near the entrance of the attraction. This was minimalism in action and the stripped-down presentation was a welcome addition to an industry gone glutton over fanciful facades and slick animatronics. The experience at The Dark Box would be psychological, visceral and physical.




Those were the simple, direct commands given to us by a formidable figure upon our immediate entrance into the haunt. A siren could be heard in the distance, but worse somewhere close the subtle but persistent rhythm of a clock distorted time and filled each awkward silence with palatable tension.




The burlap sacks were removed from our heads and we proceeded forward with caution. We entered a sparsely furnished living room where we found a nervous young man who rocked himself in front of a television screen that displayed only static. The man flailed his limbs and screamed until his lungs were surely on fire, we crawled through a tube to be free of the disturbing scene — his shrieks remained audible several rooms removed.

We traveled deeper into The Dark Box and had our path cut off by a pig-man, moments later the alternate route was also rendered impassable by an odd ghoul. The pig-man and the odd ghoul each suggested a possible exit and while neither seemed particularly trustworthy our options were limited. It was a testament to the raw weirdness of the odd ghoul that we accepted the word of the pig-man.

Soon, we crawled through a second tube and the signature sound of a chainsaw ripped through the silence with ferocity. John scrambled through last and once free reported that something had attempted to pull him back to the other side.

We were encased on either side by floor-to-ceiling wooden pallets — a thin fog crept through every slat, mysterious lights smeared hues of red, green and blue into patches of ephemeral smoke. A strobe-light sliced into the darkness of a small room populated by pearly white mannequins, a girl wept in the corner and then began to paw at us. Beyond her we discovered a blood-splattered bathroom in which the exit was neatly disguised as a shower.

A few moments later we would escape The Dark Box and emerge into the night air only to find ourselves under a thick canopy of foliage. We turned a corner, walked a few paces and hit an apparent dead end. Further investigation would reveal the existence of a peculiar path, a path that at least one of our group members refused to travel. Needless to say, it proved to be a harrowing, heart-racing and claustrophobic road to freedom.

Rating: 3.5 stars

Legend of Bubbles, Lengthy Haunted Trail Headline Terrorfied Forest & Manor

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We arrived at Terrorfied Forest and Manor near the top of the 11 o’clock hour, the moon hung high in the sky and shone bright, silver light across the land. Rumors of a clown named Bubbles and his abandoned fun house seemed to be carried on the wind like a whisper.


Mark and I approached the Manor which was illuminated by colorful, swirling spotlights. A series of sideshow banners were neatly displayed to our left which advertised such spectacles as a two-headed snake, a knife thrower and Miss Gabriele the Torso Girl. We were greeted at the threshold of the Manor by a heavily bearded man who referred to himself as the Abandoned Carney. The curious fellow told us the tale of the Bumbling Brothers Carnival which had set up on this same plot of land some 50 years past.

As the Abandoned Carney explained, folks began to disappear from the carnival and those in charge suspected that Bubbles was the culprit. When local law enforcement opened an investigation into the disappearances and it was then that management pulled up stakes in the dead of night and left the troublesome Bubbles to his own devices. As the Abandoned Carney concluded the tale, he motioned toward the structure to indicate that it was time for us to enter the ruins of Bubbles’ Fun House.


As the door closed behind us we saw that a large gorilla sat at the entrance of a mirrored hallway like a silent sentinel. As we passed the hairy ape and then began the trek through the hall of mirrors, Mark and I waited for the intimidating primate to attack but alas it proved to be merely a suit. We didn’t know it at that moment but when we would reach the conclusion of the attraction this first leg of the trip would serve as a microcosm of our overall experience.

Bubbles’ Fun House had an intriguing, fun premise and it boasted some neat design features such as a series of revolving paddles, an exciting roller track and one room where it seemed as if Bubbles had suspended all of his left over Halloween candy from the ceiling. But on the other hand there was a lot of wasted space that could’ve been used to bolster the illusion of the fun house. Too often each area showcased but a single element and that fact meant we were never truly challenged when we anticipated where or how the next scare would presented itself.

Roughly halfway through the main floor we crossed paths with a fortune teller whose voice held an oddly enchanting quality that belied her cruel nature. A crystal ball glowed in one corner of the room and momentarily I had hoped that we would sit and learn our fate. I turned to the gypsy and inquired about a reading because this was an excellent opportunity for storytelling and I couldn’t let it slip through my fingers. Unfortunately, improvised interaction wasn’t the strong suit of this particular cast and the mystic whisked us into the next room.

One of the coolest and most surprising features of the attraction was a slide that plunged us into the basement. I can count on one hand the number of attractions I’ve toured over the years that utilized such a fun method of travel and the slide fit perfectly within the theme of a fun house.

The scareactors we encountered in the basement of Bubbles’ Fun House were a bit more lively than their counterparts upstairs; this was best demonstrated by an unstable clown who, in a warbling, nasally voice, informed me that I would slit Mark’s throat and drink blood from his hollowed out skull at some indeterminate point in the future. This character assailed us on numerous occasions and although his act wasn’t polished to a shine he did display enthusiasm and was, along with the gypsy woman, the most memorable of the bunch.

Soon, we squeezed through a womb-of-doom which was another feature that played well on the fun house theme. We even took a ride on rickety swing that had been constructed from a single board and a series of ropes that had been fashioned into a net. It was a bit of fun but once again it seemed to be an example of wasted space and from a narrative standpoint it made little sense. The room that housed the contraption was of fair size and was laid out it such a manner that any patron could simply bypass the scene had they desired and made directly for the exit.

It disrupted our suspension of disbelief which isn’t ideal at any time during a haunted attraction much less just before the conclusion. The finale, as it were, confronted us with a series of clowns — all as still as a corpse — a tried and true fundamental scare tactic. As we pondered which of the harlequins would attack that largest of the gang sprang to life, presumably Bubbles, and chased us from the fun house.

Bubbles’ Fun House was an enjoyable attraction but as noted above it did suffer from a number of drawbacks. The length of the attraction was a tad on the short side and the lack of a consistent soundtrack significantly diminished the fun house atmosphere. On the plus side, the Abandoned Carney sold the story of the Bumbling Brothers Carnival quite well and a number of the scenes and ideas already in place can be enhanced with additional elements — be it a visual aide or solid character interaction or even a good old fashioned jump scare such as the one we had hoped for out of the gorilla in the hall of mirrors.

And no, I haven’t slit Mark’s throat and drank his blood from his hollowed skull. I haven’t ruled it out though.

Rating: 2.5 stars


Our nocturnal trek through Terrorfied Forest was filled with dozens of actors and was dotted by an array of scenes and curious structures. The trail twisted left and right, dipped up and down — the spooky adventure easily exceeded a half hour which resulted in a solid bang-for-the-buck.

The journey began when we were approached by a sinister sister who practiced her faith at Our Lady of the Holy Crucifixion which she indicated was located in Hell. We entered a structure that felt something like a mind shaft; a lengthy set of stairs descended deep into the earthen tunnel. Soon, we emerged from the subterranean scene and crossed a great vortex tunnel that featured a series of mesmerizing spirals.

We regained our equilibrium and not a moment to soon because the Terrorfied Forest had a great multitude of creepy crawlers lying in wait. A large hillbilly emerged from the brush and proceeded to stalk us for a spell; the unmistakable sounds of a banjo reverberated through the air heavy with suggestion. Ahead, we passed a series of ominous statuesque clowns, each bore warning sings. The tension grew with each passing step, in the distance a chainsaw roared to life and echoed through the woods. A revolting pair of zombies snarled and snapped their diseased maws, one provided highly impressive vocalizations that were not to be topped.

The natural ambiance of the forest heightened the horror with beautiful but foreboding scenery that included an eerily placid pond, a sloping valley flush with moonlight and the constant buzz of insects. In a couple of instances we had to employ fancy footwork — after we exited one building we found the ground beneath our feet to be sinking and then later we were surprised by a bouncy bridge.

We also enjoyed an atmospheric cemetery scene and a weird doll house that contained the decapitated head of the world’s oldest ogre. It was in the doll house that a bi-polar duo of spinsters debated which of our body parts they’d like to keep — in the end they decided on my hair and Mark’s head.

Deeper into the woods we traveled through a thick spider’s web where a creepy hand pushed through the webbing. Then we encountered the sad, but still living, remains of a man in a meat grinder — his innards left to swing in the breeze by a pack of cannibals.

Rating: 3.25 stars

Horrorlust Radio Episode #015

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horrorlust radio

In episode #015 of Horrorlust Radio, I’m joined by fellow haunted attraction enthusiast, Mike Marvel.

In this installment of Horrorlust Radio, Mike and I discussed the highs and lows of the haunt season with particular focus on Mike’s recent trip to The Fear Experience and Bloodview as well as my visits to The Dark Box and The Boneyard. We also chatted about home haunts and explored the daunting task of going pro.

This edition of Horrorlust Radio also featured an installment of Pop Horror which examines the latest horror happenings in film and television.

I’m actively seeking sponsors for Horrorlust Radio, if you own or operate a haunted attraction or are otherwise involved or connected to the haunt industry and are interested in such an opportunity you can contact me at the following email address:

Email any questions or comments to the address above or feel welcome to post any reactions to this podcast in the comments section below.



No creepier actors could’ve been cast for the parts of Isaac and Malachai; John Franklin and Courtney Gains’ respective portrayals of violent, child zealots provided serious nightmare fuel when I was a child. To this day I find their mannerisms unsettling and disturbing.


The songs and audio clips featured in this episode are listed below in chronological order:

“Sally’s Song” by Catherine O’Hara (The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993)

Children of the Corn Theatrical Trailer, 1984

“Cemetery Drive” by My Chemical Romance (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, 2004)

Isaac’s Sermon from Children of the Corn, 1984

“Helena” by My Chemical Romance (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, 2004)


Shake, Rattle & Death Roll

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The Dark Box may not have knocked off Demonic Demons as the scariest haunt ever but it did offer one of the single most heart-pounding sequences I’ve witnessed at a haunted attraction. What was it? You’ll just have to wait for the full review or get to The Dark Box yourself, you curious kids. Suffice it to say, The Dark Box has employed some interesting concepts and over time will hone their unique style into a certified shriek-fest.

Unfortunately, the weather did seem to sap some of the energy from the cast at The Boneyard but that isn’t to suggest that Deadwood Forest and Scarecrow Hollow didn’t have their moments. The covered attraction, The Freak’s Show, fared better with a mixture of impressive scenes, dazzling light displays and several surprises — like a crawl-through womb-of-doom! And as fate would have it everything we had witnessed at The Boneyard would be rivaled by an impromptu midnight ride over a pockmarked dirt path courtesy of Boneyard owner, Randy. With a lead foot and and a license from Hell, Randy treated us city boys to a slice of the county life.

Omens & Amulets

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Hurricane Joaquin is dumping buckets on much of the eastern seaboard and here in Michigan a smattering of rain has fallen throughout the day and the forecast indicates that patches of rainfall are likely to continue across the region for much of the night, but this is what divides the weak from the stout of heart.

The game plan has us back on the road to Pinckney where a mysterious object has been found in the woods — The Dark Box. This attraction jumped off the pages of the Fear Finder three weeks ago with a stripped-down presentation and ominous warnings. The following is directly from the website of The Dark Box:

The dark box will be the SCARIEST haunted attraction you will ever attend. This is a real in your face haunt. You will be touched. You will be trapped. You will see what’s in the box?? Ask yourself do I have what it takes to make it through the box??”

I want to know what is in this box. Furthermore, just what is the exact nature of this box? Scariest haunted attraction ever? That is a bold statement and it is one that I intend to put to the test tonight.

The second half of our haunted journey will bring us to nearby Stockbridge where The Boneyard has a quartet of dark attractions — The Freak’s Show, Route 666 Haunted Hayride, Deadwood Forest Haunted Woods and Scarecrow Hollow Corn Maze. We last visited The Boneyard four years ago and absolutely loved the headline feature, Tent of Terror. What horrors will the demented souls who reside at The Boneyard unleash on this night?

2011 Review for The Boneyard

Thrills & Chills Dominate Hilda’s, Feargrounds and The Boneyard!

Horrorlust Radio Episode #014

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horrorlust radio

In this installment of Horrorlust Radio, I present thoughts and reactions following the second outing of the haunt season. Enjoy interviews and snippets from Krazy Hilda’s Trail of Terrors and Terrorfied Forest and Manor. In addition, get familiar with the dark history of the Haunted Farm of Terror as told by the mysterious Larry. Finally, find out which haunted attractions will be opening their doors for the first time of the season this weekend.

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Thank you to our latest sponsor, Corpse Barn Shock Haunt!


I wonder if my wife will let me dress our 8-month old son as a little Ghoulie for Halloween? Yes, toilet and all.


The songs and audio clips featured in this episode are listed below in chronological order:

“House of the Rising Sun” by Lauren O’Connell (Covers, 2012)

Ghoulies Theatrical Trailer, 1985

“Horny in a Hearse” by The Nekromantix (Life Is a Grave and I Dig It, 2007)

Ghoulies in the Pond from Ghoulies, 1985

“Who Killed the Cheerleader” by The Nekromantix (Return of the Loving Dead, 2002)