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Old School in Full Effect at Fear Factory

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The Fear Factory

The Fear Factory in Mt. Clemens has been in operation for the better part of two decades, but despite such longevity it was a haunted attraction that had eluded us until very recently. It was my aim for the 2015 haunt season to place an emphasis on new and never-before-toured attractions so John and I decided to include The Fear Factory in our opening night plans.

The Fear Factory was designed with a definite throwback appeal; the stripped-down presentation was propelled by dark passages, strobe lights and a deafening soundtrack highlighted by raspy voices, warbling sound fx and wailing, tortured echoes. Absent was an abundance of props and flashy animatronics but the elements that were present created a suffocating atmosphere that often left us disoriented and exposed.

Our descent into the darkness began with a classic gag when a stout ghoul lurched at us from a wall to which he had been bound by the wrists with a pair of chains. This scare is simple, effective and adaptable to almost any theme or scene. Collectively, the cast offered average interaction and fair vocalizations but was on the whole a serviceable crew. However, there was one standout who was covered in blood and professed that he could hear voices.

We encountered this demented soul inside of a chamber that contained multiple doors and he proceeded to follow us for a spell while John and I wandered aimlessly through a voluminous maze. The impish young man cackled wildly at times but otherwise muttered violent, paranoid ramblings.

We also enjoyed the pair of female tricksters near the end of the attraction who sent us in the wrong direction more than once and engaged in mind games when they warned that, “He is coming.” It was an ominous warning and one that built suspense even if the payoff was ultimately a letdown in the form of a chainsaw wielding licensed character.

The Fear Factory used various hidden doors and dead ends, staples of the old school method. There was also a vortex tunnel with a squishy bridge which we were made to cross individually and elsewhere in the haunt we traversed a room of dolls that raised goosebumps. Some of the techniques were a bit dated such as the car gag and a couple of the areas featured scant details and were needlessly expansive, but the fifteen minute journey was a reasonable length and when the attraction had concluded the positives outweighed the negatives.

Rating: 3 stars

Horrorlust Radio Episode #013

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horrorlust radio

In this installment of Horrorlust Radio, I present thoughts and reactions following the first haunt outing of the season. Enjoy interviews and snippets from The Deadland, The Fear Factory and Haunted Farm of Terror. Also included is an entry of Pop Horror, a segment where we take a look at the haunted happenings in television and film.

I’m actively seeking sponsors for Horrorlust Radio, if you own or operate a haunted attraction or are otherwise involved or connected to the haunt industry and are interested in such an opportunity you can contact me at the following email address:

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Corrections: Cannibal Holocaust, the film that was referenced during Pop Horror, was released in 1980 not the 1970s as was stated.

The songs and audio clips featured in this episode are listed below in chronological order:

“Jeepers Creepers” by Paul Whiteman and His Swing Wing (Jeepers Creepers Original Motion Picture Score, 2001)

Dead & Breakfast Theatrical Trailer, 2004

“Shrunken Head Kids” by Calabrese (Midnight Spookshow, 2003)

Zombie Line Dance from Dead & Breakfast, 2004

“Inside This Coffin” by Calabrese (The Traveling Vampire Show, 2006)



Saturday Night Triple Threat Triggers 2015 Haunt Season

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The Deadland, Fear Factory and Haunted Farm of Terror all opened their doors for the 2015 haunt season this weekend and each provided a memorable experience in their own right. The fun began only moments after John and I hit the road when a deep, booming voice erupted from the GPS with our first set of directions — to my surprise John was able to find a spooky voice to guide us on our adventures this fall. When calculating a change in direction the eerie voice would sometimes say “Let me consult my magic book” and then entirely at random the phantom personality would blurt out fun phrases like “There’s a knocking coming from the trunk” and in one instance even asked “Can we stop for a shovel and some rope?”

We encountered healthy crowds at all three locations, first at The Deadland where we were delighted by numerous jump scares, detailed scenes, an enthusiastic cast and one unforgettable rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Next, we arrived at The Fear Factory to experience an atmospheric throwback that employed a series of hidden doors, dead ends and circuitous passageways which challenged us to navigate the correct path. Finally, we ended the night at Haunted Farm of Terror where a haunted house and hayride populated by an army of excitable creeps was just what we needed to cap off the night!

Full reviews for all attractions are in the works and will be posted in the same order that we visited.

Pins & Needles

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I’m putting the finishing touches on plans for the night, we’ll either be heading west to tour The Boneyard and Jackson’s Underworld or shooting north in hopes of visiting The Deadland, Fear Factory and Haunted Farm of Terror.

Our one and only trip to The Boneyard in Stockbridge came during the 2011 season which proved to be an enjoyable night. Twice we’ve toured Jackson’s Underworld, we were disappointed with what we experienced in 2009 but then noted a considerable improvement during our most recent visit in 2013.

We’ve also toured The Deadland just once and that too was during the 2011 season. Despite the fact that it has been in operation for twenty years, this would mark our first journey to The Fear Factory in Mt. Clemens. And of course, how could I forget our excellent Devil’s Night adventure at Haunted Farm of Terror from 2009?

The decision will be made very soon and the open road will be ours. In the mean time, I encourage curious readers to experience all of the journeys mentioned above through the magic of Horrorlust reviews. Use the drop-down window on the right hand side of the screen to search by haunted house or year.