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2016 Fear Finder Cover Art Released

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Another fall season is rapidly approaching and with it comes the latest edition of the Fear Finder! The digital version will be released this weekend and distribution of hard copies will begin next week, as for now, we can enjoy the beautiful cover art of Steve Shipp.

Our unnamed hero is front and center trying to enjoy some fall fare. He seems to have just become aware that a pack of pumpkin reapers are in hot pursuit. Maybe they like cider and donuts too? I love the phosphorescent green that illuminates the shrouds worn by the gourd gang; the shades of orange and red splashed across the scene are equally eye-catching and atmospheric.

No gimmicks or contrivances here, this is a classic Fear Finder cover by Steve Shipp. In several ways it brings to mind the 2012 cover which was another favorite of mine. I love the autumn allure of this artwork.

As I do every year, I’ll request that other collectors of the Fear Finder looking to swap or sell, get in touch with me by leaving a comment on this post or by emailing:

I am in possession of copies dating back to 2006 and would sorely like to complete my collection.

2015 Fear Finder Cover Art Released

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One of the many welcome signs of the fall season is the release of the Fear Finder cover art. Illustrated by artist Steve Shipp, the artwork has run the gamut of horror troupes during his tenure with the Fear Finder — from a woodland encounter with Bigfoot (2007) to a deranged carnival (2011) to the most recent incarnation which features a secluded graveyard scene, Shipp continues to plumb the depths of all things frightening, eerie and disturbing.

As some of you may know, I am an avid collector of the Fear Finder. In my collection I have at least one copy of every edition since 2006 and I would very much like to add to my library. If you are a fellow collector and would like to sell or swap past editions please contact me via this blog or by email here:

I love the contrast created by blues/ greens with the oranges/yellows.

The blend of blues/greens with oranges/yellows creates an awesome autumn atmosphere.