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What Horrors May Come…

Posted in Preludes and Nocturnes with tags , , , on September 28, 2011 by bluefall8

A veritable haunted house explosion takes place this weekend as the vast majority of dark attractions open their doors to the teeming masses. Where, oh where will the Haunt Trinity find themselves this weekend? Will we soak in the atmosphere of one of Michigan’s haunted farms or brave the oppressive corners of an urban slaughterhouse? Will we delight in the fright of a local production or be mesmerized by the lights of a mega-haunt? Truth is my fellow haunt fiends that even I’m not entirely sure. I await feedback from one of my partners in crime but fear not for by this time tomorrow all shall be revealed. In the mean time let us touch upon a few other items that will appear within the confines of Horrorlust.

Of course the 2011 haunt season begins in earnest this weekend, but before we forge a new season of shrieks we must look back at the season that was. On Thursday we’ll revisit the most memorable moments of last season when the Haunt Trinity unveils the 2010 Haunt Awards. The 2010 haunt season was filled with fun, fright, and yes even a little disappointment. This retrospective is a good way to get those haunt juices flowing and never fails to stir up heated haunt debates. On a separate but related note readers can also look for a post concerning the Haunt Trinity’s top five haunts of all time. As you can imagine this one will be jam packed with the absolute best haunts we’ve experienced.

I mentioned in my first post here that Horrorlust grew out of previous blogs — more specifically a seasonal entry I used to call Hallowblog. Another entry I used to enjoy writing was titled Word of the Week. Each week I’d find a word of interest and post its definition often times I’d include anecdotes or other commentary depending on the word. I enjoyed the entry so much that I weaved it right it the fabric of our favorite season with the catch being that each weeks word was some how related to the topic of horror or Halloween. I’m happy to announce that the tradition will continue here on Horrolust; you can look for those entries every Monday or Tuesday during the month of October.

Yesterday Melissa and I went out for a belated anniversary dinner. On our way there we walked by a series of shops and inside the lobby of one I spotted the freshly printed Haunt Guide. After I grabbed a few I was of course thinking about the great seasonal attractions held within but then my mind turned to food, more specifically what kinds of food or places compliment the fall season. What do you think haunt brethren? We ate dinner at R.P. McMurphy’s in downtown Wyandotte and I must say it would make a fine choice for any occasion including the haunt season. The building dates to the 1890’s and has a bygone charm about it — it’s darkly lit with a small lamp at each booth and exudes a warmth modern structures simply cannot duplicate. The food is both tasty and filling and it’s just the kind of place that you could believe is haunted.I’d recommend a visit any time of year.

Well haunters I’m almost out of stories for the night but before I succumb to the whims of the dream world I’d like to share a haunt related item I dreamt up just last night. In my dream I kept running across copies of the Fear Finder only the cover art was different from the current 2011 front page. Instead of a macabre circus there was a vast field dominated by an ancient tree in the background while a harvest moon hung far above in a inky midnight blue sky. In the foreground a massive creature stalked through the field, possessing a look that suggested it might burst right off the front cover. At first glance it looked like a Sasquatch but on closer inspection I found that it was what could only be described as a neatly detailed mud monster. An awesome cover indeed. I kept finding copies of it too only each one was slightly different. In one the mud creature had a gnashing mouth where it’s crotch should have been. I know, I know. Some obviously pyscho sexual things going on in my head but I remember laughing at it in my dream. Elsewhere in this Fear Finder laden dreamscape I even found miniature versions of the seasonal rag; pretty bizarre stuff. Who knows maybe I’ve unconsciously divined a future edition of the Fear Finder or even cooler –what I saw was the Fear Finder in a parallel universe!