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Horrorlust Radio is Hatched

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I’m pleased and excited to bring to you the inaugural edition of Horrorlust Radio! My plan is to release a new episode of this podcast each and every week throughout the Halloween season and then once-a- month beginning in December. Each episode will be featured here on Horrorlust but will soon be on other forums as well such as iTunes.

I’m actively seeking sponsors for Horrorlust Radio, if you own or operate a haunted attraction or are otherwise involved or connected to the haunt industry and are interested in such an opportunity you can contact me at the following email address:

In this frist episode of Horrorlust Radio I’m joined by my brother, Jason, to discuss sensationalism and hyperbole in haunted attraction advertisements. We also debate how those same ads, in addition to various news outlets and previous visits form customers’ year-to-year expectations of haunted attractions.

This episode also features the debut of two original Horrorlust Radio segments, Lost to Time and Oddments & Urban Legends. The former pays tribute to haunted attractions that are no longer in operation, today we lay to rest the beloved Extreme Scream. In the latter segment we debate the merit of various urban legends, focusing this week on whether or not mummies were once used to fuel locomotives.

Also, we delve into the origins of modern haunted attractions and what role the Jaycees has played in popularizing this unique form of entertainment. Finally, we recount the harrowing tale of our fabled 2010 visit to Demonic Demons in Detroit.

Email any questions or comments to the address above or feel welcome to post any reactions to this podcast in the comments section below.

Welcome to Horrorlust Radio.



Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a three-part series of children’s books, which as the title suggests, contains spooky stories derived from urban legends and folklore. Written by Alvin Schwartz and illustrated by Stephen Gammell, the book was originally released in 1981. The series continued appropriately on October 31, 1984 with the release of More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and concluded with the 1991 release of Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones.

Pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel.

Pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel.

The Woods of Darkness promotional video that was mentioned briefly during the podcast was shot during the course of the 2010 haunt season. The operators there began using it the following year and credited their surge in attendance that season to the video. The Woods of Darkness is located at 11665 Haggerman Road in South Rockwood, Michigan.

Here is a link to that video: Will You Survive the Horror of the Woods?

During the Oddments & Urban Legends segment I referenced a poem by Charles Webb, here’s a link to a article where you can not only read the poem but also here the author read it himself: Mummies to Burn

Lastly, the musical pieces and audio clip featured in this episode are referenced below in the order that each played during the podcast.

“People Who Died” by Jim Carroll Band (Catholic Boy, 1980)

“Gargoyles Over Copenhagen” by The Nekromantix (Return of the Loving Dead, 2002)

Peter, from George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978)

“Life is a Grave and I Dig It!” by The Nekromantix (Life is a Grave and I Dig It!, 2007)

Horrorlust Radio: The Next Evolution

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This past spring I added interviews to the Horrorlust mix and now with fall in rapid approach, I’m pleased to announce the impending arrival of a podcast. Horrorlust Radio is an idea I’ve been working on for several months and I’m thrilled that it will premiere at the onset of the 2014 haunt season.

Horrorlust Radio will include haunted house reviews, music and horror news. In addition the podcast will feature original segments such as Lost to Time and Oddments & Urban Legends. The former will highlight defunct haunted attractions while the latter will explore the veracity of strange and mysterious tales.

A new episode of Horrorlust Radio will be posted once a week throughout the Halloween season, beginning with the first in mid-September. Once the haunt season has concluded new episodes will likely be posted once a month year-round. Each episode of Horrorlust Radio will be hosted by myself and I’ll be joined by a rotating cast of personalities. The inaugural episode will feature fellow haunted house enthusiast, the Disco Devil as my co-host.

The program will be housed here, on the Horrorlust blog of course, but also on iTunes. I am looking for sponsors so if you’re an owner/operator of a haunted attraction or otherwise entrenched in the Halloween and haunt industry, you can advertise on Horrorlust Radio. I’ve put together flexible pricing options that allow potential sponsors to buy spots on a per episode basis or purchase a discounted package that would encompass the entire haunt season. For more details email me here: