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Reviews to Commence Soon, Mud Puppets

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John and I successfully toured both Jackson’s Underworld and Darksyde Acres on Friday the 13th — just another notch in our belt; it’s the earliest we’ve ever visited a haunted attraction. I’ll have full reviews posted for both by the end of the week but generally speaking, we enjoyed both locations. Jackson’s Underworld has grown a lot since opening its doors in 2009 but still has a long way to go if it wants to become one of Michigan’s premiere haunted destinations. Darkysde Acres served up its usual cast of unusual characters, some of which provide the best interaction we’ve witnessed anywhere. We also had an opportunity to meet the owner of this madhouse and he was a cool guy indeed and as it turns out, a big fan of the Mud Puppets too!

The Mud Puppets, if I may indulge in a gratuitous plug for a moment, is a sketch comedy troupe that I formed with my cousin Ryan a little more than a year ago. We have a YouTube channel where we release new content each Saturday. Last year we produced a Halloween special entitled Our Muddy Nightmare and we’re currently working on this years entry, Our Muddier Nightmare. We also began a cable access show at our local station earlier this year and are in the midst of writing a Halloween themed presentation for that as well. We welcome anybody with a taste for horror and Halloween to check us out and subscribe. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, and right here on WordPress. You can follow Ryan @MudPuppetRyan or myself @MudPuppetJoel.

August Heartstrings

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The recent temperature drop has me in a fall state of mind, hell the neighbors are enjoying a bonfire as I type and the nostalgic smell is drifting through my open window.  As most of the country is set to enjoy the dog days of summer us haunt fiends eye the calendar with a quiet glee, firm in the knowledge that the haunt season creeps ever closer. With that in mind I come to you today with bits of news brought to me on the wind.

This summer I’ve delved into Ohio Valley Haunts, a website dedicated to haunted attraction reviews complete with podcasts. It always gives me a little thrill to find other people with that kind of passion for the haunt industry. Over the years I’ve stumbled across a handful of review sites but more often than not they’re poorly written and seem to disappear after a couple of seasons; it’s rare to find one with staying power that’s penned by capable writers. Ohio Valley Haunts is certainly an example of the latter, based in Cincinnati the group primarily reviews haunted attractions located in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. In 2012 Ohio Valley Haunts reviewed a staggering 116 haunted attractions. I would encourage anyone interested in the haunted attraction industry pay these folks a visit: Ohio Valley Haunts.

I’m psyched that September with feature a Friday the 13th — I’ve always viewed these days as a kind of mini-Halloween and it’s great that so many haunted attractions have indicated through social media that their doors will indeed open on this date. Last year when John, Richard, and I ventured to the Scarefest Scream Park in New Haven on September 15th it was the earliest in the season I’d ever visited a haunted attraction. The 2013 calendar represents a chance to set a new record and it’s an opportunity I just can’t pass up — I’ll be spending Friday the 13th haunting!

There’s a documentary due out later this month titled Monsters Wanted, which highlights a couples’ foray into the haunted attraction industry. I’ve watched the trailer and the documentary looks very interesting, if not inspirational. The trailer is available at this website: Monsters Wanted.

Crazy Bob Turner of the Haunted Hydro has been dropping hints on Facebook regarding the 2013 theme of Fremont’s fabled haunt and his words hold promise. He and his crew are overhauling the Hydro and are primed to put a macabre twist on famous fairy tales and other cherished childhood favorites. If at the end of the day the execution matches the ambition then it should be an exciting year at the Haunted Hydro. I’m a big fan of the Haunted Hydro — it may not be the largest or most frightening haunted attraction but there’s a presence about the place; it’s as if  the very spirit of Halloween walks the grounds. If you want more information on Crazy Bob and his twisted bunch of miscreants just click the link: Haunted Hydro.

Lastly, I’m proud to announce that the Mud Puppets, the sketch comedy troupe my cousin and I comprise, will feature another Halloween special this fall. In 2012 we released Our Muddy Nightmare which was received well by many in the haunted house industry. The script is yet to be written for our 2013 offering but the plot has already been established. We anticipate that shooting will commence early to mid September.

All Hallow’s Eve, Our Muddy Nightmare

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As I mentioned last night, John and I will venture to Maumee, Ohio this evening for Dimensions in Darkness and Terror Town. If what I’ve read about Dimensions of Darkness is true then we will surely have a Halloween to remember — voices on the wind carry to me tales of frightening intensity cocooned within an old school approach. Terror Town has me excited as well, the minds behind the madness here never fail to whip up some new trick or outrageous animatronic. Oh, how the haunt season does delight with all of it’s twists and turns — this will be the fifth consecutive year that I’ve visited Mayor Worm Face’s twisted town — you have to be doing more than a couple of things right to possess that sort of draw.

In other news, I’m very proud and excited to announce that the Mud Puppets Halloween Special, titled Our Muddy Nightmare has been released! I burned the midnight oil tying up loose ends and eagerly await feedback. If you’re a reader of this blog and you aren’t familiar with the Mud Puppets, I’ll fill you in — my cousin and I produce a sketch comedy show on YouTube. We began shooting this past June and have continued ever since, Out Muddy Nightmare is our fifth episode. I welcome any and all readers of Horrorlust to check us out — oh yeah, we’re also running for President.

For more information on the Mud Puppets:

Subscribe on YouTube: Our Muddy Nightmare

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Happy Halloween!

A Blustry Devil’s Night Stirs Memories

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It is with great excitement that I can report that the Mud Puppets Halloween Special is nearly complete — I plan to post it before I drift off to dream land tonight.

In haunt related news, John and I were all set to go haunting tonight until we had a change of plans yesterday, a change that would cause us to skip the upstart Dimensions of Darkness and Terror Town in Maumee. As it were, the haunt fates were destined to intervene as another twist in plans will see us get there yet! Here’s the story — We had originally planned to hit Maumee’s twin terrors tonight and end the season at Darksyde Acres on Halloween, but plans changed and it looked as if the Monstrosities of Maumee would be lost — alas just today I discovered that Darksyde Acres will be open this weekend, and what’s more — Saturday is Adult’s Only!

So, we’ll spend Halloween in the Buckeye State — first with a stop at an exciting, new location and then a visit to an old favorite. Finally, we’ll stretch the haunt season further than we’ve ever stretched it before this Saturday with what’s destined to be a wild night at Darksyde Acres. During our first visit there last season we ogled half naked haunt hotties and confronted hyperactive clowns who begged us to slap their asses, and that was just a routine Friday night in early October! In my wildest haunt dreams I can only imagine what will go on here during an Adults Only Event!

After much editing of the Mud Puppets Halloween Special today, I raced over to Terror on the Boulevard, a home haunt in Lincoln Park. Unfortunately, there was nary a soul in sight and my heart sank a little — I was really hoping to pay it a visit this season. Perhaps the threat of the Frankenstorm kept haunters indoors tonight — let us hope that no such freak weather effects the remainder of the haunt season — for I must go haunting and the kiddies most partake in the magical tradition of Trick r’ Treating.

And what a great night for haunting it could have been, this weather puts me in mind of Devil’s Night 2009 when Jason, John, Richard and I braved the elements en route to Hell Block 13 in Wyandotte, Realm of Darkness in Pontiac, and finally a memorable stop at Haunted Farm of Terror in Lenox Township; three years later and Richard still loves to tell the story of how a massive skull nearly punched me square in the face while on the epic hayride at the latter!

Haunt Fiend, Indeed

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My usual cohorts were out of town last night but I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying a little night of local haunting. I called up my incomparable friend Ted, known to some as Victor Severus. We swung by Haunt for Hunger in Allen Park and then the Scream Machine in Taylor. Earlier today my sister and I took my nephew to the Friendly Monster Event held by the Wyandotte Jaycees — he was particularly tickled by a toilet comically overflowing with mounds of defecation. As always, I’ll post full reviews. However, the remainder of this afternoon will be spent editing the Mud Puppets Halloween Special before settling in with the wife this evening to watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

For more information on the Mud Puppets Halloween Special visit:

Sinister Eyes where Shadows Lie

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The calendar has flipped and it’s finally official — October 1st. With this comes news — haunt, horror, and Halloween news of course and there’s plenty of it. This particular post celebrates the 7th annual Halloween themed Word of the Week, but before we come to that, I have a few notes to share. Due to shooting part of the Mud Puppets Halloween Special this past weekend I did not visit any haunted attractions. It was a bit painful really, but rest assured haunt fiends that this will not be the case this weekend. Friday night will mark the beginning of the haunt season proper with a visit to Erwin’s Orchards in South Lyon, Slaughter House in Fowlerville, and if time permits a stop at A Nightmare on Elm Road in Webberville! These attractions are all new to myself and my merry band of haunters, so it is with a bang that we seek to kick off the month of October. A detailed post concerning this trip will be posted in a few days.

Another post to be made this week concerns the long awaited 2011 Haunt Awards! The 2011 haunt season was memorable for many reasons and I’ll finally reveal the best from a record breaking season! There will be the usual seven categories: Rotten Pumpkin, Eerie Vibrations, Dark Horse, Killer Automatons, Monster, Pulse Pounder, and Haunt of the Year — in addition I will introduce two new exciting categories — Prop Master and Samhein. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the awards fear not, each will be accompanied by a description and criteria for winning.

One final note before we get to the word — I’d just like to share that my preferred ritual of celebrating October 1st is with a viewing of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, a classic.

sinister [si-nes-ter] – adjective: singularly evil or productive of evil, accompanied by or leading to disaster.

As Summer Fades…

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A blue moon hangs above me, high in the sky as August peels away and reveals September. These transitory periods make for strange, hazy, and sometimes anxious days. Every year I begin to see hints of the magic to come but it’s wistful and elusive. Still, as I sit here and write glancing occasionally out the window I can almost smell it on the air. I know it’s out there, indeed I know it’s coming.

Soon I’ll begin visiting drug stores, browsing with delight at the selection of Halloween related items and eagerly awaiting the release of the treasured Fear Finder. I’ve wondered at times if the thrill of this enchanting season would ever wear off but it hasn’t yet and I suspect that, for me, it never will. It is undeniably my favorite time of the year, a time when I feel the most alive — most at peace. This season is about more than just horror movies, haunted houses, and trick r treating — it’s about nostalgia, and wonder, and love.


I have long had a desire to work in a haunted attraction and on a few short occasions I’ve had the pleasure of dipping my toe into the murky waters and it was blissful. Truth be told though I’ve never simply taken the plunge and that’s due almost entirely to the fact that working at a haunted attraction would severely limit the number of haunts I could surely visit in a given season. I strongly considered it after last season — I had managed to visit 18 separate locations with a total of 23 haunted attractions, it would be difficult to top that. Furthermore over the past seven years or so I feel that I have witnessed a solid sampling of all varieties of haunts and yet here we are on the cusp of another season and the lure of the open road and haunted adventures seems just to great to pass up. I love the thrill of the hunt — that adrenaline rush that races through my body when a new and exciting haunt has been discovered. There is nothing else quite like it. This whole haunting business is in my blood, etched into my very DNA.


I’ve been reading a book this summer, a compilation of stories to celebrate Halloween called October Dreams. It’s been a fun read, in addition to short stories and poems, the book also features genuine Halloween memories from various authors. Thus far my favorites include one recollection entitled A Condemned Man, where the author tells the story of feeling to old to go trick r treating but several hours before dark is compelled to give it a go anyway. He threw together a crude costume which consisted of an old checkered shirt, brown corduroys, and an old pillowcase for a mask. He proceeded to cut holes in the pillowcase and secured it with a piece of rope when he discovered it was loose. He hunted for candy in complete anonymity that Halloween going from house to house in his small town. When asked by one resident what he was supposed to be he respond with, “a condemned man.” Near the end of his nocturnal jaunt he approached a house and was shocked at the sight of what was approaching him: himself. Another trick r treater stood opposite him in a nearly identical homemade costume. The two stared at each other wordlessly for a moment before the mysterious doppelganger ran off into the night. As the tale ends the author writes,

“Most importantly, I hadn’t a clue who this fellow was behind the mask, and I never found out, although we had to have gone to the same school — hell, there was only the one school, and I knew everybody, absolutely everybody in it, and I couldn’t begin to guess who this could have been. It really creeped me out. It creeps me out still.”

Another tale that grabbed me titled Yesterday’s Child told the tale of a middle aged man whose wife had left him, whose daughter hated him, and if truth be told he had come to hate himself. He accepts a post with the neighborhood watch on Halloween and has an eerie encounter with his adolescent self. I thought it captured the nostalgic power of Halloween very well not to mention the magic of childhood. It put me in mind of so many bittersweet episodes of The Twilight Zone and as a matter of fact, in the afterword, the author acknowledges both Ray Bradbury and Rod Serling for being formative influences.


Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy a good urban legend? A friend informed me of the Slenderman earlier this summer and at first I laughed at such a notion but I soon found myself quite taken with the mythos even if it is entirely steeped in fiction. If you aren’t familiar with the Slenderman a simple Google search will reveal the staggering internet subculture that has helped to popularize the mythos. There’s pictures, stories, parodies, and memes — there’s even a creepy little video game. It’s a strange world out there.

I think he’s a neat character though and my cousin Ryan and I have decided to feature the Slenderman in an episode of our sketch comedy show the Mud Puppets — our Halloween special to be precise. We’re greatly looking forward to it — I know it’ll make the entire season a little more special to me. It’s just one more fun event to anticipate with glee. If you’re interested we can be found on youtube under the username: themudpuppets.