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Emotion as Weapon, It is Fear

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This was the first entry in the 2007 series of Word of the Week; originally posted Monday, October 1, 2007.

Word of the Week has officially gone Halloween but before I get to this week’s featured word I have a few notes to share. This Friday and Saturday I’ll transform into a ghoul at Phantom Forest Hayrides located in Grosse Ile. I’ve long held a desire to work at a haunted attraction and while I’d prefer to lend my haunting abilities to a haunted house I’ll employ my skills the best I can on the hayride route. For anyone interested the attraction is open both nights 7-11 and is located at Westcroft Gardens, 21803 West River Rd.

Just as a reminder I’ve posted last year’s Halloween Word of the Week selections below:

Week 1: necropolis, necromancy (bonus word)

Week 2: corn stalk

Week 3: eviscerate

Week 4: mask

Halloween is an interesting holiday, covering a wide spectrum of emotions from fear to glee. If viewed at a precise angle Halloween is a brilliant poem, each well-crafted verse holding a multilayered message of sights, sounds, and feelings. This week we reveal a single layer, the ominous layer of fear.

fearnoun: an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by expectation or awareness of danger.