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All the World is A Mirror

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , , on October 28, 2020 by bluefall8

I get to reminiscing sometimes, and I find the entries here at Horrorlust to be a portal to the past. I’ve made little to no time to chronicle my love of Halloween and haunted houses here over the last four seasons and that’s left me yearning for days gone by. This wasn’t an idle choice, of course, nor was it due to a sudden lack of interest. Life comes fast at times — priorities change, dynamics shift.

But, I miss it.

My role as a father as well as my position with the Wyandotte Jaycees haunted house project, means the halycon days of unbridled Friday and Saturday nights is in the rearview mirror. Still, I’d like to get back to regularly sharing my experiences on both sides of the haunt industry, and I’d like to offer up other fare in the realm of horror as well.

Due to the domino effect caused by COVID-19, the haunted house committee within the Wyandotte Jaycees made the decision not to operate this fall. I don’t regret that decision as it was the right and responsible call. The silver lining for me was that less nights spent in character meant I could, on a limited basis, reengage as a patron.

While the outings have been sparse, they’ve also been informative, strangely refreshing, and both somber and surreal, simultaneously.

A trip to Deranged revealed that the now third year haunt has improved its scenery with a series of quaint, neatly designed facades throughout the wooded trail, but the actors, aside from a few talented standouts, could use some fundamental pointers on the art of the scare.

Two weeks later, I found myself at Darksyde Acres for the first time in six years. The operation has changed substantially in some ways and remained static in others. The experience was overall a positive one with an expanded trek through the first leg of the journey, it also featured a much larger cast than previous seasons although the vast majority of them were wet behind the ears.

Finally, last weekend I found myself with a large group out in Pinckney at what turned out to be a highly enjoyable, second year effort called Ghostly Grove. We endured quite a wait to experience the outdoor trail, but it offered the right mix of fun and fright, as the ghouls and goblins elicited shrieks with creative scares and the woodland setting lent itself to several truly majestic scenes.

That last one was the spark I needed to peek back into this diary of a madman and summon the will to write once more.