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With a Dash of Magic and Mystery

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We’re off tonight to visit Fowlerville, home to the 2012 Haunt of the Year Honorable Mention — Slaughter House. We were highly impressed last year by the haunted barn and hayride here and are stoked to see what the minds behind the madness have in store this year to wow us once again.

Once we’ve exhausted ourselves there we’ll jump back on the open road and hightail it to Pinckney where we’ll make our inaugural visit to Terrorfied Forest and Manor. I saw this haunted attraction advertised in the Fear Finder for years but must admit that I don’t know much about it. However, I have read nothing but glowing reviews and have heard positive word of mouth from other haunters.

I have yet to finish my review for Sinister, but fear not because I haven’t forgotten. With a bit of luck and some elbow grease it should be complete soon.

Running the Haunt Gamut

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We got a bit of a late start last night and it adversely affected our haunting but that didn’t stop us from experiencing some interesting moments along the way. Nightmare Sanctum from the Wyandotte Jaycees had some peaks and valleys, but was ultimately hindered once more by the usual shortcomings found here. The new locale for Krazy Hilda’s is tailor made for a haunted attraction and the fine folks there provided a spooky fun time. We pulled into Slaughter House a bit late in the night and were only able to experience the Blood Bath and Beyond Hayride. Our trip through the woods was punctuated by comedy and stunning effects — no other hayride we’ve experienced offers so much bang for your buck. Full reviews will be posted in the coming days.

Perfect Weather for an October Outing

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It is with a note of sadness that we find ourselves already at the final Friday in October, but while it’s here we plan to make hay. Tonight, John and I travel to Nightmare Sanctum the latest offering from the Wyandotte Jaycees. This group has offered a mixed bag of attractions in recent years — delivering an old school classic in 2007 and a highly enjoyable romp through an abandoned police station on Devil’s Night 2009. However, the 2008 incarnation was utterly forgettable earning our Rotten Pumpkin Award for worst haunt of the season. Their efforts fell a bit flat in 2010 and 2011 as well, we’re hoping our return tonight bares witness to a change of fortune for the long running Wyandotte Jaycees.

From there we’ll beat the path to Chelsea, Michigan to the Camp of No Return where Krazy Hilda and her army of ghouls have taken up residence. Last year, Krazy Hilda’s was a standout attraction earning our Dark Horse Award and, along with The Boneyard and Chelsea Feargrounds, the Samhein Award. An abandoned campground will provide an interesting setting for this all volunteer effort.

Finally, we make our return to Slaughter House Adventure in Fowlerville. We were blown away by the illusions at Slaughter House early in the season but were unable to experience the Haunted Maze or Blood Bath and Beyond Hayride due to adverse weather conditions. It is extremely rare for us to pay a second visit to a single haunt in the same season, I’m excited to see if any tweaks have been made to the show since our first visit on October 5th. Happy Haunting!

Attractions, Haunters Undeterred by Weather

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It turned out to be an all around wonderful night of haunting yesterday. John and I successfully visited Erwin Orchards, Slaughter House Adventure, and A Nightmare on Elm Road. The rain and chill made sure that we earned our fun but even the elements couldn’t suppress the early season magic that stirred in the air last night. In addition to the entertaining haunted attractions, we swapped stories with fellow hardcore haunters at Erwin’s and then made a new industry contact at Slaughter House who graciously invited us back to experience the Haunted Maze and Blood Bath and Beyond Hayride during more cooperative weather. Full reviews will be posted tomorrow, until then enjoy the picture below which depicts John and I with the friendly line entertainment outside the Barn of Horrors at Erwin Orchards.

Anticipation, Storm Builds

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It’s overcast and rainy in many parts of Metro Detroit and the weather will definitely have an effect on our outing. I called the fine folks at Slaughter House Adventure just moments ago and they confirmed that both the Haunted Corn Maze and the Blood Bath & Beyond Hayride have been shut down due to the rain. That is disappointing but sometimes you’re left with nothing else to do but forge ahead, and that’s precisely what John and I will do. On the bright side everything is currently open at Erwin Orchards and we’ve witnessed adverse weather conditions actually enhance our experience at a haunted attraction, perhaps the best example of this comes from our 2009 Devil’s Night trip to the Haunted Farm of Terror in Lenox Township. And who knows, there’s always a chance that the weather will clear and we’ll experience the outdoor attractions after all! Happy Haunting!

Friday Night Frights

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The 2012 haunt season will commence in earnest this Friday, haunt fiends! Our first stop will bring us to Erwin Orchards in South Lyon approximately one hour from my apartment. The main attraction at Erwin’s is the Barn of Horrors, an attraction that Zioptis has raved about over the years. What can I say? I’m a sucker for barn haunts. I’ve actually wanted to hit Erwin Orchards for a couple of years now, so I’m excited that a visit has finally materialized. Erwin’s also features a haunted maze called Corn Stalkers — tickets are $14 for the Barn of Horrors and $10 for the Corn Stalkers Maze, a combo ticket is available for $22. There’s also a $2 off combo ticket coupon available in the Haunt Guide.

Our next destination, and what I feel will be the crown jewel of the night, lies 40 minutes northwest down I-96 in Fowlerville where “Michigan’s Best Trifecta of Terror” awaits haunters. Grand River Corn Maze is celebrating 10 years of haunting this fall with Slaughter House, Haunted Maze, and Blood Bath and Beyond Hayride! I first became interested in this location when my brother mentioned that he had driven by it while training for a new job back in the spring (the haunt fates have strange ways do they not?). I have read overwhelmingly positive reviews about Slaughter House in particular and am eager to experience it for myself. Each attraction is appropriately priced at $13 but a combo ticket will net haunters all three for $30. Guests also have the option of purchasing tickets for any two attractions at a $3 discount — bringing the total to $23 for two of your choice.

If time is on our side we’ll depart Fowlerville and make the short ten minute jaunt to Webberville where we’ll visit the little known A Nightmare on Elm Road. I’ve made an effort to seek out off-the-beaten-path haunts this year and I’m hoping this one can deliver some intimate, old school scares. Admission is a mere $10 — The Sequel, a second attraction at the same location, can be had for an additional $5.

Happy Haunting!