Role Reversal


It was another slow Thursday but certainly better than the previous week when a single couple crossed the threshold of SIN. I channeled a darker side of Vermin by funneling my own anger into the character and I saw the result in the faces of various customers. A few people issued stifled, nervous laughter; one woman wondered aloud whether it was an act and then questioned if I actually worked at the attraction. I was very pleased with those reactions.

Then the night took a truly interesting twist. The house was set to lose an actress at 9:30pm and I was asked to fill her role in the Elizabeth Bathory room. Yeah, I donned a nightie and embraced the drag. The girls all loved it and snapped pictures and video so I sold it for all I was worth. The guys were amused but less than the girls.

I pursued one of the more uncomfortable guys with a series of sexually suggestive proposals. He squirmed away on his back once, scrambled to get to his feet and then jabbed me in the chest with a crowbar. I couldn’t stop the act for a crowbar though so I grabbed the straight end, scraped it across my chest and told him I liked the pain. It did cause a small cut but he did drop the crowbar and flee the room.  So, you know, victory was mine.

There were only a couple of groups who came through the haunted house once I was in the Bathory room but they seemed shocked and amused by the sight of me. When they entered the room I could be found leaning over the bathtub rinsing my hair, ass stuck in the air, wagging seductively or I would stand with my back to the entrance and flip my hair. With each gag, I whirled around and revealed that I was a man and that had eyes popping out of the sockets. Then I playfully lowered one of my straps and accidentally on purpose let it fall. The howls of laughter and surprise were music to my ears.

As it was nearly closing time, the entire house followed the last two groups which produced a chaotic atmosphere; one that I’m sure seemed overwhelming for the customers. With one group, once inside the H.H. Holmes room, I crawled a top a mattress on all four and encouraged a couple of woman to lie with me. They declined the offer but several of my fellow actors remarked how much they enjoyed that particular bit of lascivious nonsense after the fact.

On a final note, there was a gentleman in a wheelchair working the dining room as a zombie who I hadn’t met before. Early in the night I did a little walk through and he was awesome in his role and gave me the legitimate creeps.

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