I wasn’t able to get out to SIN and drop into Vermin until 11pm last night but I made the best of a short night. I arrived to find Daffodil, an adorable and spunky clown armed with a Brooklyn accent and sharp wit, entertaining guests out front. I joined in and after a lot of convincing we coaxed a pair of women out of their car and into the house. However, as per the bargain we stuck, Daffodil and Vermin were made to escort the pair through the haunted house.

It was a fun bit of interaction and those ladies really loved my hair, but another strangler wasn’t so fond of me. She refused to even entire the building with the rest of her group and professed her discomfort with me despite the fact as she put it, “…you’re not even wearing a costume.” For those interested, the primary dress for Vermin is an old pair of ripped up jeans and a flannel — that’s it. The thrust of this character comes through my body language, cadence and words. I do pride myself on the ability to mess with guests in the same clothes I arrived in.

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