Opening Night Blues


The Halloween season has already begun for those of us with haunting in our blood, but for the general public it isn’t quite here yet. As if a Thursday in September wasn’t enough of a challenge, mother nature decided to pour buckets throughout the region yesterday and effectively dampened the opening of SIN.

The doors were opened around 8:30pm, an hour and a half late. But it wasn’t as if throngs of eager guests were made to wait in the damp, again this was a week day in September. A lone couple, who I estimated to be in their early 20s, would be the only customers who turned up and while that is disappointing for all involved, it wasn’t a surprise under such conditions. I snapped into Vermin and was joined in entertaining the young couple by Timmy, an overgrown, tricycle riding simpleton.

The male was named Justin, the female (who was responsible for the visit) refused to divulge her name although she did inquire as to the authenticity of my hair. I urged her to judge for herself and offered a smell or touch of my long locks; she opted to do neither. After several minutes of Timmy’s tricycle antics and Vermin’s odd musings, the couple was ushered inside the building where they were seated for several moments as to excite the brood inside the haunted house.

The unnamed girlfriend was readily receptive to the interaction and seemed to enjoy herself, the boyfriend, Justin, was a different story. He displayed only a mild interest and seemed uncomfortable, if not a bit confused, frightened or both. It wasn’t the best interaction and I wasn’t satisfied with my accent or level of emotion but as they were the only group on a rainy, weekday the magical energy just wasn’t surging through the air. I spent the remainder of the night interacting with my fellow actors entirely in character which did provide some fun.

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