Eve of Madness


SIN Haunted House by the Wyandotte Jaycees will officially open its doors for the 2016 season tonight from 7-10pm. Opening night at any haunted attraction is infused with a certain nervous excitement; a herald that the Halloween season has indeed arrived once more. The stakes are high this year for the Wyandotte Jaycees, an organization that has produced a haunted attraction every year dating back to 1976.

Statewide the number of Jaycee chapters that have continued the haunted house fundraiser has dwindled to single digits. While the Wyandotte haunted house has managed to survive it hasn’t been immune to certain realities — diminished manpower and declining interest. The future of the project has been cast into doubt at various times over the last decade and was spared execution this year by a frantic 11th hour push. It is a point of pride for dedicated members and volunteers that the legacy of haunting in Wyandotte will be alive on the 40th anniversary of the group’s first haunted foray.

All of this will of course be explored in a documentary about the 2016 haunted house which is being produced for Wyandotte Cable. Thus far 17 studio interviews have been conducted with members both past and present who offered insights into all facets of the haunted attraction from the art of the scare to safety standards to the working relationship with the City of Wyandotte. The build process has also been documented with on-site discussion about prop-making, room design and the hopes and fears of those on the front lines of the project.

The interview process of the documentary is nearly complete with just a few key players left to enter the studio, but now the real fun begins as we start to capture behind-the-scenes video of the haunted attraction while in operation. This project has already been interesting and illuminating and I suspect the best is yet to come as SIN is put to the test.

Be sure to return to Horrorlust for periodic updates on SIN and the aforementioned documentary; all such entries can be found in the SIN Chronicles category, which can be accessed by utilizing the uppermost drop-down menu located on the sidebar to the right.

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