Wyandotte Jaycees Celebrates 40 Years of Haunting

14103036_1012437758869209_2367134633989548987_oFounded in 1976, the Wyandotte Jaycees jumped right into the then nebulous phenomenon that would mutate into what we now know as the haunted attraction industry. Countless chapters across the state and country have since abandoned the haunted house project but the Wyandotte chapter has survived not only an ever-evolving and competitive market but also weathered the storm of internal conflict. The project was in serious jeopardy this year and if not for the efforts of dedicated, passionate members and volunteers, the haunted house tradition in Wyandotte would most certainly have ended.

With this as the backdrop, myself and Steve Colwell, Studio Director at Wyandotte Cable, decided to spearhead a documentary about the Wyandotte Jaycees haunted house. This is a pivotal period in the history of  the project and although details remain under wraps, the 2016 incarnation — ominously referred to as SIN — will represent a bold departure from recent years.

The documentary will feature studio interviews with Jaycees’ members both past and present who were instrumental in the creation of the annual haunted house. It will also showcase a behind-the-scenes look at the planning, construction and nightly operation of SIN. Once completed, the as of now untitled documentary will air on channel 15 and channel 215 (HD) on Wyandotte Cable.

As a self-identified haunted house enthusiast, horror hound and Halloween romantic; I am thrilled to be so intimately engaged in this project. Oh yes, I feel a sin coming on.

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