Gerkins & Friends

Sunday night capped off an excellent weekend of haunting when my alter-ego, Gerkins, joined his friends at Delirium — the 2015 Wyandotte Jaycees Haunted House. Last year I was fortunate enough to volunteer on several nights and was delighted to have the opportunity to work an area of the haunt referred to as the dollmaker’s keep. Last night, however, my services were needed elsewhere and so it was that Gerkins entertained waiting patrons inside the lobby and also stirred up odd conversations with folks on the sidewalk outside Delirium.

Gerkins played a subversive game in which he offered suckers to children and parents alike while he playfully proclaimed, “Candy from strangers is fun, you never know what you’re going to get!” And would you believe that most people happily accepted those dubious treats? But the carnival barker of old was not satisfied with merely stirring the pot, he slyly entered the haunt on occasion and offered a brief jump scare to some groups and for others was found on the outside of the building near the exit primed for one last bit of interaction.

Alas, Gerkins was not alone in such Halloween hijinks; he was joined on this night by an interesting harlequin known as Murray the Clown. Equipped with a nasally voice and the polished vocabulary of a simpleton, Murray told stories of his youth that drew both laughs and awkward glances. He and Gerkins were quite the pair as the duo reveled in all of their bizarre synergy.

It was another memorable night and a wonderful excuse to uncork Gerkins once again. Many thanks to Jon and Danielle who welcomed me back into the fold and allowed me to let loose as Gerkins, horrible Gerkins.

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