Tunnel of Terror Conjures Ghost of Halloween Past


We toured the Tunnel of Terror on just the second night of operation and while it was admittedly light on actors the Rochester Jaycees long-running trailer haunt did induce a nostalgia for the humble heyday of the haunted attraction industry.

The Tunnel of Terror featured a guided tour of sorts; a trickster ghoul haphazardly led us through the coiling darkness by the sound of his voice and with the aid of a small flashlight. He disappeared more often than not to shout basic orders and offer humorous, albeit deliberately obtuse observations.

The trek was punctuated by oppressive, pitch black halls and several jump scares; I was pleasantly surprised to hear a sound system in use which is too frequently ignored at non-profit organizations.

The Tunnel of Terror was a brief haunted attraction that clocked in at under five minutes and due to space limitations did not showcase many scenes but we did like a small toxic waste area that emitted an eerie glow and also enjoyed a creepy doll room; although an inventive scare or interesting character in the latter would’ve smacked an excellent exclamation point on the whole experience.

Rating: 3 stars

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