State of Delirium

First work, then play. A trip through Delirium, the latest incarnation from the Wyandotte Jaycees, will mark the ninth consecutive year that I’ve toured the annual haunted attraction. The group is well-documented here on Horrorlust for a history of hit and miss productions. Most memorable over that course of time was Hell’s Hospital (2007), Hellblock 13 (2009) and Bloodbath on Biddle (2013) which won the Horrorlust Dark Horse Award.

It would seem that DreamCorp, a shadowy pharmaceutical company has conducted bizarre research in the old city hall building on Biddle. The group developed a pill called AWMP that the company heralded as a cure-all miracle drug. Has DreamCorp found the tonic to thwart the inconsistency that has plagued the Jaycees or is AWMP little more than a placebo?


2007: Downriver Haunt Review

2008: Templin’s Night Terror & Nautical Nightmare’s Vanishing Act

2009: Season Concludes with Devil’s Night Frenzy

2010: Jaycees Underwhelm, A Star is Born in Detroit (N/A)

2011: Thursday Outing Leaves Something to be Desired

2012: Nightmare Sanctum another Mixed Bag from Wyandotte Jaycees

2013: A Bloodbath on Devil’s Night

2014: Fō-bē-ə Fractured Friday

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