Moonlight Delight at Krazy Hilda’s, Terrorfied Forest & Manor

The veteran cast of fellow haunters were all busy with work or prior engagements last night, so I went to the bullpen and invited my friend Mark to experience a night of haunting. It always does my heart good to convert mere mortals into haunters and I think that may be the process currently taking place with my Mark. He hadn’t visited a haunted attraction in years but with some prodding I convinced him last winter to accompany me on a trip through 50 Shades of Phun, the Valentine’s Day event held at Hush in Westland.

Since then, Mark and I have had numerous conversations about haunted attractions and so it was with great interest that we set off into a majestic September night to experience Krazy Hilda’s Trail of Terrors and Terrorfied Forest and Manor. One could not have asked for a more ideal night to stroll through the haunted trails located in Ypsilanti and Pickney, respectively.

Krazy Hilda’s once again showcased how the passion of dedicated volunteers can capture the whimsical magic of the Halloween season. Here we were enchanted by a devilish brew of excellent jump scares, quintessential scenery and a cast of scareactors who know how to have fun. The witch and her brood have faced adversity many times throughout their two-decade run but old Hilda always seems to spur her undead army ever forward. Now at the ideally located Panama Hills Farm, Krazy Hilda is primed to stir her cauldron into the future.

It was an interesting ride to Terrorfied Forest and Manor, but wrong turns and missed road signs only make life on the open haunted road that much more intriguing. After a few course corrections we arrived to find Terrorfied Forest and Manor bathed in the hue of silver moonlight. Bubbles’ Funhouse had the charm of a fun narrative working in it’s favor as well as a handful of neat design features, perhaps most notably was the slide that took us into the basement. The haunted trail radiated ambiance and offered patrons some serious bang-for-the-buck with more than a half-hour of woodland scenes and shrieks.

We are much obliged to Nicole at Krazy Hilda’s and Dean from Terrorfied Forest and Manor for not only being such affable hosts but also for providing such excellent interviews to be featured in Horrorlust Radio. Thank you also to the respective cast and crew of Krazy Hilda’s and Terrorfied Forest and Manor for providing us with our latest treasured memories.

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