Call of the Witch

The schedule shifts and slides, ebbs and flows but so it goes in the month of September. I did have a pleasant conversation with the head witch out at Krazy Hilda’s and it would seem that the old girl is craving some souls for the keeping. We had memorable visits to Krazy Hilda’s in 2011 and 2012 when the witch had set up shop in Saline and Chelsea respectively. This time around Krazy Hilda and her minions of the night have taken up in Ypsilanti and I have no doubt the gang will leave us spellbound once more.

Past Reviews on Krazy Hilda’s

Thrills & Chills Dominate Hilda’s, Feargrounds and The Boneyard! (2011)

Krazy Hilda’s Unleashes Spooks on Campgrounds (2012)

Only one question remains — what other attraction shall we hit tonight? The field has been narrowed to just two — either the brand new, two-story Abandon in Melvindale or Terrorfied Forest and Manor in Pinckney. Both are tantalizing in their own right but the edge may go to Terrorfied Forest and Manor because earlier today I learned that the Manor has been themed as a funhouse — Bubbles’ Funhouse to be precise! It would seem that Bubbles was long ago abandoned by his traveling carnival and I just can’t see how I can pass that up!

Past Review on Terrorfied Forest and Manor

Mixed Results at Terrorfied Forest and Manor

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