A Note on Ratings

A haunted attraction is a unique, dynamic form of entertainment. Some attractions place an emphasis on elaborately detailed scenes while others value the wow factor offered by expensive animatronics above all else. There are haunted houses that employ a minimalist approach and those that pride themselves on an in-your-face cast. The multitude of elements from which a haunted attraction can be built is limited only to the imagination.

I have stated it before and it bears repeating — ratings are not intended to pit one attraction against another — not in my mind any way. Any rating you see here on Horrorlust reflects only how well I felt a given haunted attraction executed what it set out to do. Furthermore, a rating isn’t necessarily indicative of the overall quality of a given haunted attraction over the length of a season. After all, how could I or anyone else for that matter presume to know the quality of a show throughout the course of an entire season?

The ratings you read here at Horrorlust are nothing more than my unique reactions to each show I witnessed on the night in question, in fact, it is even more specific than that. Due to the nature of haunted attractions the overall quality of a show can fluctuate from night to night, hour to hour and even guest to guest. There is no reason to doubt that someone of different sensibilities couldn’t witness the exact same show alongside myself at precisely the same time and come to a wholly different conclusion. And that, in my opinion, is the everlasting beauty of the haunted attraction.

Whether a review be good, bad or indifferent — be advised that I am but one person sharing my opinion — nothing more, nothing less. I am no hatchet man, I am no boot licker. I am merely a passionate voice for an industry and season that I love. With that said it is always my aim to provide thoughtful, critical and nuanced reviews for the haunted attractions I have the privilege of touring each fall.

Happy Haunting.

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