Saturday Night Triple Threat Triggers 2015 Haunt Season

The Deadland, Fear Factory and Haunted Farm of Terror all opened their doors for the 2015 haunt season this weekend and each provided a memorable experience in their own right. The fun began only moments after John and I hit the road when a deep, booming voice erupted from the GPS with our first set of directions — to my surprise John was able to find a spooky voice to guide us on our adventures this fall. When calculating a change in direction the eerie voice would sometimes say “Let me consult my magic book” and then entirely at random the phantom personality would blurt out fun phrases like “There’s a knocking coming from the trunk” and in one instance even asked “Can we stop for a shovel and some rope?”

We encountered healthy crowds at all three locations, first at The Deadland where we were delighted by numerous jump scares, detailed scenes, an enthusiastic cast and one unforgettable rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Next, we arrived at The Fear Factory to experience an atmospheric throwback that employed a series of hidden doors, dead ends and circuitous passageways which challenged us to navigate the correct path. Finally, we ended the night at Haunted Farm of Terror where a haunted house and hayride populated by an army of excitable creeps was just what we needed to cap off the night!

Full reviews for all attractions are in the works and will be posted in the same order that we visited.

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