Horrorlust Radio Episode #012

horrorlust radio

In episode #012 of Horrorlust Radio, I’m once again joined by Chop Shop creator, Steve Colwell.

In this installment of Horrorlust Radio, Steve and I delved into the use of the carnival as a time-honored horror trope and then during Nightmare Fuel, my co-host recounted an eerie experience with a UFO during his youth. Also included in this episode are several interviews from the Motor City Haunt Club’s Haunted Garage Sale.

I’m actively seeking sponsors for Horrorlust Radio, if you own or operate a haunted attraction or are otherwise involved or connected to the haunt industry and are interested in such an opportunity you can contact me at the following email address: horrorlust@bluestarproductions.net

Email any questions or comments to the address above or feel welcome to post any reactions to this podcast in the comments section below.



Corrections: Ben Woolf was indeed the actor who played Meep in American Horror Story: Freak Show but he was not in Sinister (2012); the film Steve and I attempted to recall was Insidious (2010).

The music that can be heard during Nightmare Fuel is “The Night Beckons” by Midnight Syndicate (Realm of Shadows, 2000)

A big thanks to the Motor City Haunt Club; the latest sponsor of Horrorlust Radio!


The songs and audio clips featured in this episode are listed below in chronological order:

“American Horror Story: Freak Show” theme song by Kyle Cooper, 2014

Dolls Theatrical Trailer, 1987

“The Creep” by Corpse Show Creeps (Blackblood Call, 2007)

Ralph Meets the Little People from Dolls, 1987

“Werewolves” by Corpse Show Creeps (Blackblood, 2007)

Pictured below is the cover art for Blackblood Call.

Cover Art: Blackblood Call, 2007

As a child, I found this image of Dolls to be quite disturbing, yet fascinating.

As a child, this image was burned into my mind.

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