Danced with the Devil & Lived to Tell the Tale

Holy bat syllables! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; it’s nights like these that keep us on the road chasing that next great haunt fix. John and I witnessed such an avalanche of wonderful props, gags and actors that my mind is all abuzz with haunted goodies.

First, we zipped our way to Wixom where Dark Legacy lived up to the hype. We had a great time conversing with several members of the team before we ever entered the attraction; owner Austin Denney seemed a veritable treasure trove of industry information.

Dark Legacy was comprised of three continuous attractions beginning with Government Owned Haunt then Kensington Detention Center and finally Fang Cemetery. There was a clear continuity throughout the trio of attractions and this attention to detail was a boon for the story being told here. The rooms and other various areas were elaborately decorated and featured a wide range of props and animatronics from caged monkeys, alien cadavers and eerily glowing jars.

The scares were aplenty and the actors assailed us from all angles. We even witnessed a few gags and costumes that were new to us, and all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We departed Wixom and set our sights on Westland where we were pleased to find Dr. Phineas Phun right where we left him last year. Since our Devil’s Night visit last year, Hush has undergone a near total redesign and the result was impressive.

Hush featured a combination of excellent acting and several unique, striking scenes. The cast was a frenzy of activity and displayed a well-balanced blend of creepy and humorous situations; some with an edge of physicality uncommon to most haunts.

I have so many more thoughts to share on Dark Legacy and Hush, and of course it will all be detailed in upcoming full reviews.

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