Artistry Most Wicked

Another Friday in the great month of October and just one day more until The CikNis will infest the mind, body and soul of all who enter. A number of sources contributed to The CikNis in various ways and today we turn the spotlight to an artist who created a wicked sextet of characters to be featured throughout the poisoned halls of our haunted house.

Stephanie poses with her favorite creation, "Senoirita's Last Tango."

Stefani poses with her favorite creation, “Senoirita’s Last Tango.”

Stefani Lawrence is an artist and a friend I met while working at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Stefani possesses an irreverent wit, a keen intelligence and as I would come to discover uncommon artistic talent — she is a veritable frenzy of creativity. So, when a bag of styrofoam heads was delivered to The CikNis by our favorite junker, I knew just the person to ask to turn these plain, lifeless faces into vibrant creatures of the night.

Stefani didn’t disappoint, she thoughtfully created a gang of ghouls each with their own personality and the end result is a beautiful array of the macabre and eerie which will serve as welcome additions to The CikNis.

In addition to Senoirita’s Last Tango this rouge’s gallery is comprised of Crow-magnum-Man, The Widower’s Bride, Button Eyes, The Doubleheader and the apple of my eye, Lagoon Lady.

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