Corpse Barn Shock & Awe


Corpse Barn Shock Haunt

It was a gloomy night as we departed from Allen Park bound for the Corpse Barn Shock Haunt in Napoleon. As we drove down westbound I-94 the skies grew darker and as the minutes passed the rain slowly but surely became more and more steady. The ground was soggy when we reached our destination, quickly we purchased our tickets and made haste for the entrance of the Corpse Barn!

Once inside the barn we were made to wait inside of a narrow passageway with an earthen floor; it felt as if we were trapped in a cellar and I thought it a great setting to stew for a few minutes. Fifteen to twenty minutes passed and like clockwork the groups in front of our own disappeared behind a wooden door at the end of the passage, soon it was our turn. We entered a second staging area where we waited a fraction of the time and then were thrust into a den of death.

The interior of the barn was littered with corpses indeed, it was as if the barn itself had been eviscerated. All about the floor in every direction laid piles of dummies; I wasn’t sure if this was the ritual site for a serial killer or merely the dumping grounds for plague victims, but the bodies were scattered, torn and in abundance.

The Corpse Barn was bolstered by a solid design that often wound circuitously which ensured that our sense of direction remained quite off-kilter. The various paths were separated by wooden planks, mesh fencing and plastic sheets; visibility was obscured which further served to disorient.

There was no shortage of actors either and while few truly stood out not a one of them detracted from the experience. Along the path we encountered several victims, one man had had his eyes removed, his eye sockets now a soulless void. Elsewhere we witnessed a skinny, screaming child carried off by a goon; the child must’ve broken free because we encountered him again although he was in no dire of a circumstance, now under the barrel of a rifle being brandished by a second youth. The former child, who we dubbed Aspy Boy, chronically shrieked and unceasingly flapped his arms. We pleaded with the aggressor to finish the job and end all of our suffering.

Once outside the barn we were approached by a dark-haired woman who was hidden amongst the brush. She was distraught with worry and asked us if we had seen her baby. We informed her in several ways that her baby had comically perished inside the barn; despite her professed anguish a smirk betrayed her true feelings. I couldn’t help but enjoy the moment and share a laugh.

We followed an outdoor path around the back of the barn until it descended into another, much smaller building. Once inside, we immediately came upon an armed murderous man who had cornered a whimpering damsel — I can only assume she joined the rest of the stiffs inside the barn in short order. Next, we traversed a series of passages built from cinder block and flooded with fog this soon gave way to a crypt where a ghoul or two pawed at us supple fleshies.

Through one final hallway we traveled, to my left was a window and then an arm shot through it accompanied by a cry for help! I had had enough of this mayhem and death and decided to lend a helping hand. The hand grasped at the air wildly for a moment before I could secure it in my grip, but with stout heart I pulled the damsel through the window and led her to safety.

Nestled into a wooded area, the Corpse Barn Shock Haunt turned out to be a very enjoyable attraction and with a few subtle improvements can be better yet. I loved the use of dummies to underscore the concept of a barn turned burial ground but it would’ve made for a great jump scare had some of the scenes had a creature or half dead victim amongst the meat bags. I’d also love to see more of a story told here — who is responsible for all of this gore? Such a premise could drive fun interaction as well, for instance, perhaps the party could encounter an escaped victim who has knowledge of a secret passage or could suggest that guests lie with the dead as a means of eluding an approaching menace?

One scene that stood out was an area filled with television monitors which displayed various parts of the Corpse Barn and the souls who attempted to navigate the twisting paths. The scene was visually striking but otherwise seemed disjointed, an odd scene to find inside of a barn but with the aid of a deeper story it’s the kind of setting that may just serve to propel the narrative.

Rating: 3.75 stars

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