Trust in the Haunt Fates

Sometimes a haunt outing just doesn’t go as planned — people get sick, the weather won’t cooperate or car trouble rears its ugly head. A myriad of things can go wrong, but those who are diligent are rewarded by the haunt fates. Plans have been altered before during the haunt season; last night was no exception, but if you learn to roll with the punches you’ll find that a surprise shift in the road map might unveil a night full of fun.

Such was the case last night when a series of events led me to the Psycho Path in Flat Rock and Fō’bē-a in Wyandotte. Psycho Path was a breath of fresh air that featured a fun and effective carnival-in-the-woods theme. The design of the attraction was creative and featured several memorable scenes and characters. Fō’bē-a was an enjoyable if not familiar jaunt through a Jaycees haunted house. The actors were lively and several traded comical quips with our party.

Full reviews are to come along with summaries of last weekend’s trip to the Corpse Barn Shock Haunt and Darksyde Acres.

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