The Gates of Purgatory will be Sealed in 2014

I spoke with Keri Kazz recently and he regretfully informed me that Purgatory’s Revenge will not be open for business this fall. He and his team had originally planned to open the gates to Purgatory once more but other commitments forced his hand. Keri is also a magician and it just so happens that he is currently on tour with The Danger Circus.

In 2013, Purgatory’s Revenge, along with Blake’s and Slaughtered at Sundown, won the Horrorlust Samhain Award which recognizes the most enjoyable night of haunting in a given season. Purgatory’s Revenge was also named the honorable mention to the Pulse Pounder Award which was ultimately given to St. Charles Village of the Living Dead. The Pulse Pounder Award recognizes the most intense or frightening haunted attraction of the season.

Although Purgatory’s Revenge will be missed during the 2014 haunt season, Keri did assure me that the haunt will return in 2015 at a new location with an all new show. For more details on The Danger Circus check out the troupe’s Facebook page.

And of course you can read the 2013 review of Purgatory’s Revenge right here: Bound in Purgatory

Or read a full list of 2013 award winners here: 2013 Horrorlust Haunt Awards

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