Horrorlust Radio: The Next Evolution

This past spring I added interviews to the Horrorlust mix and now with fall in rapid approach, I’m pleased to announce the impending arrival of a podcast. Horrorlust Radio is an idea I’ve been working on for several months and I’m thrilled that it will premiere at the onset of the 2014 haunt season.

Horrorlust Radio will include haunted house reviews, music and horror news. In addition the podcast will feature original segments such as Lost to Time and Oddments & Urban Legends. The former will highlight defunct haunted attractions while the latter will explore the veracity of strange and mysterious tales.

A new episode of Horrorlust Radio will be posted once a week throughout the Halloween season, beginning with the first in mid-September. Once the haunt season has concluded new episodes will likely be posted once a month year-round. Each episode of Horrorlust Radio will be hosted by myself and I’ll be joined by a rotating cast of personalities. The inaugural episode will feature fellow haunted house enthusiast, the Disco Devil as my co-host.

The program will be housed here, on the Horrorlust blog of course, but also on iTunes. I am looking for sponsors so if you’re an owner/operator of a haunted attraction or otherwise entrenched in the Halloween and haunt industry, you can advertise on Horrorlust Radio. I’ve put together flexible pricing options that allow potential sponsors to buy spots on a per episode basis or purchase a discounted package that would encompass the entire haunt season. For more details email me here: horrorlust@bluestarproductions.net

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