2014 Fear Finder Cover Art Released

There’s no better prelude to the haunt season than to jump on the Internet to find that the cover of the 2014 Fear Finder has been released; and on the last day of August no less! The release of the Fear Finder is just one of the many fall traditions I enjoy as a Michigan boy. According to several sources the Fear Finder will hit the streets on Friday, September 12 and let there be no doubt that I’ll visit my usual stomping grounds until I’ve obtained a copy.

This year’s cover features a Nosferatu-style vampire and he seems to be fleeing a would-be attack through a candle-lit chamber whilst our hapless hero is left to fend off an army of bats. I love the atmosphere created by the artwork and find myself particularly partial to the detailed features on the face and heads of the monster. The 2014 cover is yet another worthy addition in a long line of memorable artwork.

The Fear Finder first fascinated me as a child when my brother and I found it at a Taco Bell inside the Southland Mall during the mid-90’s. I can remember thumbing through it as we ate lunch and imagined we would visit so many of the spooky places that beckoned to us from the pages within.

I made it a point to collect the Fear Finder while in college but a couple of my copies were discarded during a move in 2005. Currently, I possess at least one copy of every issue since 2006 and am actively trying to track down every issue prior to that dating back to the inception of the paper when it was merely referred to as the Halloween Events Newspaper.

If there are any other Fear Finder collectors out there (or pack rats as my wife calls us); shoot me an email here: horrorlust@bluestarproductions.net

On first impression this cover put me in mind of the science lab featured on the 2004 edition of the Fear Finder.

On first impression this cover put me in mind of the science lab featured on the 2004 edition of the Fear Finder.

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