Erebus Snuffs the Light with Summer Scream

It isn’t often that haunted house adventurers get a chance to experience screams outside of the fall season but this summer that is precisely what Erebus plans to offer. For three days in July the Goliath of Pontiac will open the doors to visitors for a special event. On July 11, 12 and 13 — for the first time ever — guests at Erebus will traverse the 4-story edifice in total darkness, armed with nothing more than a single glow stick.

Other haunted attractions have featured Lights Out nights as well, usually on select days during the haunt season. For example, The Lab which was located on Grosse Ile held a similar event every Friday and Saturday night from Midnight – 1am in 2009. We did tour the Lab that season but it wasn’t during the Lights Out timeframe; that fact only heightens my excitement for a potential visit to Erebus under such conditions.

The total blackout will take place at Erebus on Friday, July 11 and Saturday, July 12 from 7pm – 12am and then on Sunday, July 13 from 7pm – 11pm. Tickets for Friday and Saturday will cost $28 while Sunday admission will run $25. For more information on ticket sales click on the link: Haunted Pontiac

I can’t think of a haunted attraction more appropriate to host such an event, the sheer size of Erebus alone should prove to make the journey through the dark a frightening and psychological affair. After all, as is printed in the pages of the Fear Finder, Erebus is, “…the darkness beneath the earth, which the dead must pass to reach Hades.”


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