Mischief Managed

This Word of the Week entry was the second of its respective season and was originally posted October 8, 2007 . The title of this entry is a rather obvious reference for anyone who has read the Harry Potter novels, but for those of you who’ve not — “mischief managed” is the magical incantation uttered when a witch or wizard has completed use of the invaluable Marauder’s Map. The phrase will conceal the map’s contents thus making it appear as any other ordinary piece of parchment. 

Last week we delved into the aspect of fear that is intrinsic to Halloween, this week we examine the light hearted brother of fear, mischief. Mischief can manifest many forms during the season of haunting, from an after hour visit to a local haunt to the defacing of school property or even the dubious practice of trick-or-thieving. Yes, the October moonlight is a seductive mistress to those masked troublemakers. All in good fun of course, all in good fun.

mischief noun: a source of harm or irritation, action that annoys.

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