Hush Amping Up for 2014


Hush Haunted House took the Detroit haunt scene by storm in 2013 — the rookie attraction exceeded all expectations and was dubbed Horrorlust Haunt of the Year. If you follow Hush on social media it’s clear that the minds behind the madness are hard at work for 2014 as well.

Hush had a presence at Motor City Nightmares in April and was visible once more this month at Motor City Comic-Con, and now on Facebook the surging, young haunt has released a mini-documentary chronicling their 2013 build process. It’s a neat glimpse into the nuts and bolts of a haunted attraction and I recommend that one and all give it a watch. I’ve posted a link to the video below; the keen eye might even notice a familiar name.

Hush: Divulgence of a Haunt

The 2014 theme reminds me a lot of The Lab which was a fun haunted attraction that ran on Grosse Ile between 2006-2009. It will be very interesting to see the science-gone-bad template given the Hush treatment. I’m already chomping at the bit to witness the abominations created by the irrepressible Dr. Phineas C. Phun.

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