Interviews Coming to Horrorlust

It’s been a long time coming but I’m excited and proud to announce that Horrorlust will soon feature interviews with owners and operators of haunted attractions. This is an idea I’ve kicked around for a couple of years but I needed to make a few bonafide contacts before the plan could come to fruition. I’ve had the pleasure over the course of the past two haunt seasons to have some wonderful conversations with a handful of owners and operators, and as it turned out these folks love to share their passion for haunting.

...a unique frequency on the haunted spectrum...
…a unique frequency on the haunted spectrum…

Rob Johnson of Darksyde Acres in Jonesvillle, Michigan was the first industry insider to pay this blog any attention, and as such it’s only fitting that he should serve as the first official Horrorlust interviewee. I recently shot Rob some questions via email and he didn’t disappoint with the answers. In fact, his answers were so thorough and engaging I’ve decided to release the interview over two separate posts. I hope readers enjoy the interview as much as I’ve enjoyed the process. I’d like to thank Rob in advance for participating in the interview. It won’t be long now, stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Interviews Coming to Horrorlust”

  1. Saikotic Says:

    If you’d like, The Legion of Terror’s Director of Communications is Geremy Havanec:

    And if you would like to interview an actor, I’m more than game

  2. Thank you, very much. I will be in contact.

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