2014 Bloodview Schedule

2014 Bloodview Scheudle

Two years ago during an overnight trip, we paid a memorable visit to Bloodview in Broadview Heights, Ohio. It was a relatively intimate setting that featured an excellent cast of actors; they call themselves the Legion of Terror and are quite possibly the very best we’ve ever encountered. Whenever I get to thinking about my all-time favorite trips my mind drifts invariably to that 2012 horror adventure through Bloodview Haunted House.

Bloodview recently released their 2014 season schedule and to any haunter worth their salt, it’s filled with eye-popping possibilities. In case you haven’t paid the schedule above a glance, Bloodview utilizes this great strategy of themed weekends. September 26 and 27th for example will play host to Nuclear Apocalypse while October 10-12 with feature Classic Monsters. It requires a special cast of actors to pull off a challenging new theme every weekend throughout the haunt season.

I hope to make it back to Bloodview this fall, but it’s going to be tough picking just one of these tantalizing shows. Sinister Sideshow and Classic Monsters are my early favorites, but The Witch Trials does have a foreboding, mysterious quality about it. Then again, the sheer audacity of a title like, All Hell Breaks Loose commands attention, does it not? If I lived in an area near Bloodview I would undoubtedly visit multiple times during the season as the various themes and the energy of the cast guarantees a new show each time.

Bloodview is a must for any avid haunter, and casual thrill-seekers should not be dismayed by a long drive because you aren’t bound to experience another haunted attraction quite like Bloodview. Honestly, is there a cooler name for an acting troupe than the Legion of Terror? No, the answer is no. I would strongly suggest that interested parties read my review from 2012, which you can do by accessing the Categories drop down box on the right hand side of the homepage.


3 Responses to “2014 Bloodview Schedule”

  1. Suzanne Teem Says:

    Why don’t you find one up our way and bring Melissa and the crew here!

  2. Suzanne Teem Says:

    Paris, Big Rapids, Cadillac area.

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