Choose your Mask

In the latest Hallowblog flashback, we turn our attention once more to a spooky word. This would be the final installment of Word of the Week from that year; it was originally posted October 26, 2006.    

We have arrived at the last Halloween themed Word of the Week, I know it’s sad. However, you need not worry; much Halloween related content is yet to come. This week we have a word that helps define the essence of Halloween, an essential component of the mystique that shrouds the holiday. A mask is something that each of us wears through all the seasons of the year; some of us use only a few, others a plethora, and some possess masks for specific occasions. For the most part we choose not to acknowledge these masks, not to others and not to ourselves, we have our reasons. Halloween allows us that one chance to wear those masks openly and with glee. On this night we are allowed to become whoever we want if just for a brief period. The inappropriate becomes acceptable and we wander as we wish.

mask-noun: a cover for the face usually for disguise or protection, something that conceals or disguises.

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