Corn Stalks are Grown to be Stolen

Like last week, this post too was a Halloween themed Word of the Week. There are a couple of tidbits worth mentioning in this post, the first being a mention of the RWF. The RWF stood for Revolution Wrestling Federation which was a backyard wrestling production I staged with some friends over a number of years. The particular show mentioned below occurred on October 29, 2005 and would be the last one we ever did.

The second item of interest is probably the most important and can be found in the last paragraph where there is a mention of a “companion blog”. That companion blog would grow into Hallowblog by October 2007 and that would of course evolve into Horrorlust four years later. 

The final tidbit is the closing salutation. The phrase, “Later Defecators” is one that I would later use regularly at the end of certain Mud Puppets videos called Mupdates. What are the Mud Puppets? Well, since you asked, the Mud Puppets are a sketch comedy troupe that my cousin and I maintain on YouTube and we’d be tickled if you gave us a look, right here: The Mud Puppets.

This post was originally written Friday, October 13, 2006.

The second installment of the Halloween themed “Word of the Week” is late as was its immediate predecessor. I try to post regularly on Thursday but alas I’m distracted and lazy. Hell, I’m only a couple of hours late as it is. As usual there is great excitement surrounding yet another edition of “Word of the Week” but much like last Saturday’s entry, this one too has a little something extra. Before I get to that however I must relay this week’s word, which happens to be corn stalk.

Corn stalks are a staple of the Halloween season and are often associated with mystery and fear, in part thanks to The Children of the Corn films. Corn mazes have become a fixture of the Halloween season as well, off-shoots of other attractions such as haunted houses, forests, and hay rides. Corn stalks are a quintessential Halloween item, conjuring up images of objects in the same vein-pumpkins, scarecrows, full moons, witches, werewolves, and cauldrons. Good stuff those corn stalks.

One last item to clarify before I come to the defining of the word, the title: Corn stalks are grown to be stolen. Some know the story, it occurred just one Halloween removed. Hey what can I say, the RWF had a Halloween show to produce, funds were short and we needed props. Corn stalks were on that list, sacrifices had to be made and corn stalks were pilfered. Richard, my partner in crime, good times.

corn stalk-noun: a stalk of Indian corn.

And now for the latest, exciting announcement. I have decided that the Halloween themed “Word of the Week”, as great as it is, just isn’t enough of a tribute to such a great holiday. Therefore I’ve decided to add a companion blog to the “Word of the Week” for the duration of the month of October. This blog will contain a weekly creature as well as a recommended horror film and a section dedicated to memories of Halloween past. Other content may creep in there as well as I think of it and I am of course open to suggestions.

Later Defecators.

2 Responses to “Corn Stalks are Grown to be Stolen”

  1. I’ll be Hiding my corn Stalks from here on out.

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