…Somewhere in the City of Necropolis

This is the first of many entries regarding Halloween that predated Horrorlust. When I began to rifle through some of my old posts I was somewhat surprised to discover that the total number exceeded fifty. I’ll upload these missives one by one, once a week until the backlog has been exhausted. Each of these entries was originally posted at Myspace and Livejournal.

Word of the Week was a column I used to write once a week and as you’ll soon read I decided to give it a Halloween flavor during the month of October once upon a time. I actually maintained the practice through October 2012 and then retired it last year to focus on other aspects of Horrorlust. This particular post was written Sunday, October 8, 2006 which means that it predates even Hallowblog which didn’t officially debut until nearly a year later.

This installment of “Word of the Week” is a bit late but, ah yes, the wait was quite worth it. You see, Halloween is my favorite holiday and so I’ve decided that for the duration of the great month of October each edition of “Word of the Week” will be Halloween-themed. I know, I do too much for you people. And yet there is still another treat to share. In this inaugural Halloween issue I have included two words for your enjoyment. I loved them both so much I just couldn’t bear to leave one out in the chilly October night. The first appears in the title as the featured word of the week always does, necropolis. What a wonderfully morbid notion; beautiful in it’s own way.

necropolis-noun: cemetery, especially a large elaborate cemetery of an ancient city.

Interesting terminology is it not? A necropolis is described as an “elaborate cemetery”. I wonder what qualifies it as elaborate, sounds interesting. If I ever find a nice necropolis I’ll be sure to frolic about the elaborate workings.

The second word is closely related to the first, necromancy.

necromancy-noun: the art or practice of conjuring up the spirits of the dead for purposes of magically revealing the future; magic, sorcery.

I also considered the words necromancer and necrosis (isn’t that a cool word), but if you desire to know anything further about all things necro I suggest you do a little research, you have all you’ll get from me. All this talk has me thinking about zombies, and really it doesn’t get much better than that.

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