Bring out your Dead

It was a long and bitter winter here in Michigan, as it was throughout much of the Midwest and Northeast. Finally, the weather seems to have taken a turn for the better and spring is beginning to manifest. For months, everything outside my walls was frozen solid but inside, Horrorlust kept the fires lit with various projects that are starting to bear fruit.

Readers will notice some changes, most notably to the sidebar which has undergone a much needed reorganization. The most important and useful change is in regard to how reviews can now be accessed; instead of scrolling down the page in what seemed an endless sea of posts, users can now use the Categories drop down box to easily navigate the various posts on Horrorlust. As you’ll notice reviews are now sorted by year and haunt.

I’m tinkering with other smaller features as well, so you’ll likely continue to notice changes over the coming weeks. This is all part of an effort to highlight the best content on the blog and provide a more comprehensive experience for the haunt fiends who dwell herein.

Some of you know that prior to Horrorlust I wrote similar content under the title, Hallowblog. This forerunner was in existence from 2006-2010 and although some of the entries that were apart of Hallowblog have been referenced on occasion, none of those formative posts have been shared on Horrorlust in their original form. This is something I plan to correct going forward; although I won’t simply post all of the old entries at once. I’ll slowly post them over the course of many months, likely providing a little back story with each as to provide context.

On a final note, I’d like to point out that early in the 2012 haunt season I began to write each individual review as a separate post. Prior to this I would often write reviews for an entire outing, for instance, if we had gone to three haunts in one night I would write one massive review divided by sections for each location. This review from 2011 is a good example of that: Thrills & Chills Dominate Hilda’s, Feargrounds and The Boneyard! This practice however resulted in reviews that I felt were simply too exhausting for most people to enjoy; so I made the decision to house each review within its own post.

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