Yuletide Fear

A handful of  haunted attractions were open last weekend, thrilling patrons with a smattering of twisted Christmas scenes. Several others will join the fray this weekend to capitalize on Friday the 13th.

Scream Acres located in Covington, Kentucky — the boyhood home of my father-in-law as it were, will headline the pack with Black Christmas. Other events in the Bluegrass State will occur in Louisa where Fallsburg Haunted House will present Yuletide Terror and in Louisville the Haunted Hotel is set to delight crowds with Bloody Xmas on the 14th and 21st.

The Scare-A-torium in Columbus, Ohio will host Happy Horrordays December 13th and 14th  while the Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio will hold a one night engagement this Friday.

A couple of haunts in Indiana are also getting into the holiday spirit with Christmas horrors of their own. Fright Manor in Indianapolis and Nightmare on Ash Street in Terra Haute will also spin yuletide yarns most macabre.

It’s a shame that my home state of Michigan has not joined this deliciously dark movement, I’d relish the opportunity to visit a haunted attraction with a yuletide touch. Do any of you have any haunts to add to this list? Will any of you be attending? If so, be sure to leave a comment chronicling your experience.

2 Responses to “Yuletide Fear”

  1. We’ve been kicking the concept of a Haunted Christmas event out at DarkSyde Acres haunted house, but Im not sure if Michigan is ready for a DarkSyde Holidays

    • I think it could work in Michigan and if Darksyde were to put on such an event you can bet that I would be there. And you can trust that I’d help spread the word on Horrorlust.

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