Devil’s Trap

When you go haunting as often as we do, there’s bound to be some good nights and there’s bound to be some bad nights. And then there’s nights like tonight; it was interesting to be sure, rare even. Devil’s Night 2013 will go down in the books as a memorable one indeed, for on this night we experienced both extremes of the haunted spectrum — ranging from excellent to awful.

Ironically it was a rookie that exhibited the former and a veteran of the scene, the latter. Hush Haunted House in Westland gobsmacked us from beginning to end with a high intensity show complete with detailed scenes and top notch cast. Shockingly, The Scream Machine, a Downriver staple for more than a decade, sunk to an unbelievable low with what can kindly be called a listless dud.

We also toured Bloodbath on Biddle by the Wyandotte Jaycees and I’m happy to report that the volunteer effort succeeded on many fronts; it was easily the best effort from this group since our 2009 Devil’s Night foray at Hellblock 13.

As always full reviews will be posted and for those keeping track, yes — there’s still full reviews coming for Funeral Home, Purgatory’s Revenge, Blake’s, and Slaughtered at Sundown. Much haunted goodness yet to come from Horrorlust this haunt season.

Happy Halloween.

2 Responses to “Devil’s Trap”

  1. jerald lincoln Says:

    The haunted funeral home in inkster. Opens september 26 th

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