Colossus of Armada

In the time since our haunted travels began we’ve toured just about every major haunted attraction throughout Michigan, but one monster of the scene has evaded us and tonight we’ll finally add it to our collection — and the name of that location is Blake’s. We’ve made various attempts over the years to visit but inevitably some factor arose to thwart our plans, but not tonight.

First, we’ll make an inaugural stop at another location, Purgatory’s Revenge in New Haven, and then we travel to storied Armada where we’ll experience Blake’s 3-Story Haunted Barn, the much heralded Nighttime Spooky Hayride, and perhaps even stuff our maws with the various vittles I’ve heard so much about. Once done there if time should happen to permit we’ll waltz right on down the road and cap off the night at Slaughtered at Sundown, yet another maiden haunt for us. Slaughtered at Sundown has a haunted barn of their own as well as the Slaughtered Town Hayride.

Also, reviews from the Realm of Haunted Minds and the Funeral Home will be posted this weekend; and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Mud Puppets Halloween Special, Our Muddier Nightmare!

4 Responses to “Colossus of Armada”

  1. Trevor Mckee Says:

    Slaughtered at sundown was one of the biggest mistakes ive ever made

  2. Trevor Mckee Says:

    I thought it was a little too dark, and too much running into walls and fences
    3d glasses made it even more challenging to see, and there wasnt even anything to use the 3d glasses for

  3. I agree 100% about the 3D glasses; I wish haunted attractions would simply drop the gimmick altogether. The glasses cause my vision to get blurry and I feel as if I’m walking through a tunnel — it’s very uncomfortable. It definitely doesn’t enhance the experience.

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