Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked

A night of haunting that involves three separate locations generally makes for a whirlwind experience, and after last night I feel like I’ve been swept away by a tornado and chucked clear across Michigan’s haunted landscape.

And there will be no rest today because Ryan and I have officially kicked off Horror Month; we have some Mud Puppets business to attend to with the Wyandotte Jaycees’ Bloodbath on Biddle. I’ll have more on this story in a future post.

Getting back to last night, after a three year drought my cohorts and I returned to Pontiac and were jaw jacked by the additions and alterations that have been made to mighty Erebus. The Realm of Darkness didn’t have it’s usual punch but their new CarnEvil 3D attraction certainly had potential. Finally, we came to Sinister in Utica where the cast threw caution to the wind and with a combination of improvisation and creativity were able to overcome a spot of bad luck. Full reviews will be posted throughout the week, so stay tuned kiddies!

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