Perfect Weather for an October Outing

It is with a note of sadness that we find ourselves already at the final Friday in October, but while it’s here we plan to make hay. Tonight, John and I travel to Nightmare Sanctum the latest offering from the Wyandotte Jaycees. This group has offered a mixed bag of attractions in recent years — delivering an old school classic in 2007 and a highly enjoyable romp through an abandoned police station on Devil’s Night 2009. However, the 2008 incarnation was utterly forgettable earning our Rotten Pumpkin Award for worst haunt of the season. Their efforts fell a bit flat in 2010 and 2011 as well, we’re hoping our return tonight bares witness to a change of fortune for the long running Wyandotte Jaycees.

From there we’ll beat the path to Chelsea, Michigan to the Camp of No Return where Krazy Hilda and her army of ghouls have taken up residence. Last year, Krazy Hilda’s was a standout attraction earning our Dark Horse Award and, along with The Boneyard and Chelsea Feargrounds, the Samhein Award. An abandoned campground will provide an interesting setting for this all volunteer effort.

Finally, we make our return to Slaughter House Adventure in Fowlerville. We were blown away by the illusions at Slaughter House early in the season but were unable to experience the Haunted Maze or Blood Bath and Beyond Hayride due to adverse weather conditions. It is extremely rare for us to pay a second visit to a single haunt in the same season, I’m excited to see if any tweaks have been made to the show since our first visit on October 5th. Happy Haunting!

2 Responses to “Perfect Weather for an October Outing”

  1. Brianna J Says:

    I think you have written excellent reviews and truthful reviews. I enjoyed Sininster which you rated a 4.75 and it was well worth it. It was a hidden gem unlike all these huge hyped up haunted houses that are all clones of one another. You rated Slaughter House a 4.5 so I was going to visit that location next because I only like the ones that scare the behebees out of you. I don’t care for childrens haunted venues. I was the scariest adult haunted houses only. You were a winner with Sinister and I hope to visit Slaughterhouse tonight but the review threw me a little because you mentioned you were laughing and parts were funny. I don’t think funny is scary so could you please explain? Also, what is another venue just like Sinister or better?? Anything? I wished I had visited Demonic Demons before but it is no longer running. It sounded amazing! Where should I go next to scare me to death like Sinister???

    • Slaughter House does utilize some well timed comedy in each of it’s attractions but that isn’t to suggest that it is not frightening at times. It isn’t the most frightening haunted house I’ve visited but it does provide great excitement which gets that adrenaline pumping. I cannot say that I know of another venue quite like Sinister, as you said it is a gem, but another unique location is Darksyde Acres. I loved it last year and I plan to return on Devil’s Night.

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