The Walking Dead Season Premiere, October Magic

In less than an hour AMC’s marathon of The Walking Dead will be over, and the season three premiere will be underway! My love for a good undead yarn is simply undying. Through two seasons I feel that the gripping apocalyptic series has been excellent, I am at a loss to come up with a series that matches the intensity, character, and storytelling of this franchise. The season two finale that saw Hershel’s farm fall to the walkers was not only visually stunning but also one of the most action paced sequences in television history. I’m completely psyched for tonight’s premiere.

In haunt news, another young upstart has hit the radar — Dimensions of Darkness and they’re located in Maumee, Ohio — home to the Lucas County Fairgrounds and the haunt riot known as Terror Town! There’s something magical about Terror Town, it has an ethereal quality — each year it finds a way to lure me back. I first visited Terror Town during the 2008 haunt season and returned the following year. I had originally planned to take a break from it in 2010 but alas I found myself there with Richard and Brad for the final outing of the season. It was the same last year, I hadn’t planned on attending but some how the haunt fates willed it to be. Having gone to Terror Town four consecutive years and with the remainder of this year’s schedule packed, it’s less likely than ever that I’ll find time to go…and yet I feel the pull. Will the discovery of Dimensions of Darkness be enough to lure the Haunt Trinity back to Terror Town once more? It would certainly be a welcome if not improbable addition to the 2012 haunt season.

I haven’t forgotten about reviews for Deadly Intentions, Sinister, or Exit 13 either. My weekend was jam packed and I didn’t find time to write them, but readers can expect reviews starting Monday. Happy Haunting!

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