The Walking Dead Sneak Peek, Halloweekends

The Walking Dead has a new sneak peek posted at AMC’s website of the season three premiere. It isn’t anything earth shattering but it’s still a zombie freebie and I’ll take those all day long. Season three debuts this Sunday on AMC at 9 pm Eastern. Anybody looking to catch up on the series should tune into AMC beginning Saturday at 10 am. The network will run a marathon of episodes spanning the entire series.

In other news plans for this weekend are beginning to take shape and it looks as if it’ll be another Friday outing. This October is a little too packed with non-haunt related obligations for my liking and as a result nailing down the haunt schedule has been made that much more complicated. Regardless, I think an epic trip is in store for this weekend — on the radar is Deadly Intentions in Warren, Sinister in Utica, and Exit 13 in Mt. Morris. If we can get an early start we may just be able to shoehorn in Hazel Park’s House of Fear. Aside from Deadly Intentions we have not yet visited any of the targeted haunts and new blood is what we’re all about this season. Lastly, my brother called today and informed me that he’s received a free ticket to Cedar Point’s Halloweekends from a friend. He plans to go on Saturday, unfortunately I won’t be able to attend (see prior mentioned obligations). Halloweekends seems to be packed with haunted attractions and scare zones — the long running Club Blood will be open — as well as Eerie Estate, Eternity Infirmary, and Eden Musee just to name a few. That last one is themed as a wax museum and as I’ve never experienced quite such a haunt it, in particular, has me wishing I could attend. Safe travels, brother — you know I’ll accept nothing less than a full review!

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