Anticipation, Storm Builds

It’s overcast and rainy in many parts of Metro Detroit and the weather will definitely have an effect on our outing. I called the fine folks at Slaughter House Adventure just moments ago and they confirmed that both the Haunted Corn Maze and the Blood Bath & Beyond Hayride have been shut down due to the rain. That is disappointing but sometimes you’re left with nothing else to do but forge ahead, and that’s precisely what John and I will do. On the bright side everything is currently open at Erwin Orchards and we’ve witnessed adverse weather conditions actually enhance our experience at a haunted attraction, perhaps the best example of this comes from our 2009 Devil’s Night trip to the Haunted Farm of Terror in Lenox Township. And who knows, there’s always a chance that the weather will clear and we’ll experience the outdoor attractions after all! Happy Haunting!

2 Responses to “Anticipation, Storm Builds”

  1. I followed your advice and Sinister in Utica was AMAZING. I want to go to another like that. What is the next best thing or better in your humble opinion??

    • It’s tough to find haunts that are as good as Sinister — they have a very particular style and execute it with precision. A few of my favorites over the years include — Erebus, Realm of Darkness, Terror Town, Slaughter House, Darksyde Acres. All of these are open tonight.

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