2012 Fear Finder Cover Released

The Fear Finder won’t hit the streets until this weekend but as the title above states, the cover has been revealed online! What do you guys think about this year’s cover? I like it. The evil scarecrow creature is kick ass and I love the farm as the backdrop. The entire composition jumps out at you, my only critique would be the red and orange shades used in the sky. I like all the color but I wonder if some blues, greys, and blacks would have complimented the scene better. What are some of you favorite Fear Finder covers over the years?

4 Responses to “2012 Fear Finder Cover Released”

  1. Yea its cool. I’ll have my eyes peeled for a copy

  2. It’s certainly my favorite cover from the past six seasons. I did enjoy last years carnival theme a lot but this tops it.

  3. when will it come out so everyone can get a copy????? Southfield Mi MoMo

    • Distribution began last weekend, Mo. I would guess by now it’s spread across the Metro Detroit area fairly well. A lot of businesses usually have them on hand — CVS, Kroger, Blockbuster, Kmart, 7-11, and Taco Bell being the most prominent. There’s also a downloadable version on the Fear Finder website. http://www.fearfinder.com/

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