Spectral Wounds Bathed in Death Hues

It’s time once again to enhance our spooky vocabulary in yet another Halloween themed Word of the Week! I once considered using this weeks featured word in the title of a wrestling show but ultimately opted for a different name. The name I eventually settled on was Vortex of Sin and as fate would have it, it would be the last show produced by the beloved Revolution Wrestling Federation. Vortex of Sin was held on October 30, 2005 and was highlighted by the Unsanctioned Casket Match between Icepac and Victor Severus. This was of course one day after Jason and Branden’s infamous Hallowfest 2005. So many good Halloween memories — who could ever forget the ever mockable: “Help me.”

spectral [spek-trel] – adj: of or pertaining to a specter; ghostly; phantom.

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